Air compressors are the backbone of any workshop, bodyshop or garage. Here at BWS we are agents for some of the UKs leading compressor manufacturers offering full peace of mind in your purchase.


This depends on the CFM of the air tool or tools. To find the Minimum required compressor CFM , multiply your tools CFM by 1.5.

Multiply your tools CFM by 1.5, ie: The Mighty Seven NC-4236 Impact Wrench has a CFM of 5.5. Therefore the calculation is 5.5 x 1.5 = 8.25 CFM

What size compressor depends on what paint gun you use and how much of the car you want to paint. To paint a whole car with a HVLP gun , we would recommend a 100L tank and capable of producing 10CFM. This would reduce the chances of the compressor kicking in mid panel.

We provide self service kits for all our compressors or they can be serviced by our fully qualified service engineers.

What Compressor for air tools?

Air Compressors for Sale

BWS offers an extensive range of air compressors for sale backed up by our in-house team of engineers. Our air compressors are suitable for professional, and semi-professional workshops. We offer quality air compressors that are reliable and great value for money. Whether you need an air compressor 50l or a silent air compressor we have something for you. Need help in making your choice? our in-house engineers are available to give you advice on our collection of UK air compressors. We are always here for advice and technical support.


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