Get the best protection for your welders with our selection of high-quality welding jackets from BWS LTD. All jackets are designed for comfort and safety!Protecting yourself when welding is one of the most critical things you can do. Welding can be dangerous work and


In our opinion the best welders jacket we have tried is the Fronius High end welders jacket. Its made from high end Italian leather, making it very supple and comfortable to wear. Its elasticated cuffs mean it fits easily into your welding gloves for a snug fit. Velcro neck and button covers offer added protection against sparks. Finally it looks good!

When it comes to welding gloves, not all gloves are created equal. The best welding gloves should be high-heat resistant, have anti-spark protection, and be comfortable and flexible enough for you to do a precision job. Look for cowhide or split leather material that is designed to insulate your hands against heat, sparks, and spatter.