Car battery chargers are an essential piece of automotive equipment, designed to aid battery function or boost their charge. Our car battery chargers at BWS are portable and simple to use. With our free technical support, you gain access to a community of welders all ready to help you find the right equipment for your bodyshop. Find the right car battery chargers for your workshop today.



Slow-charge chargers are ideal for charging batteries that have been completely discharged. Maintenance-free chargers are designed for long-term use and can be left attached to a battery indefinitely. Rapid-charge chargers are used to quickly recharge a battery that has been discharged only partially.

First identify the voltage of your vehicle, the identify what  type of battery you have?  Match your charger to these two types of criteria. Then decide do you just want to use it for charging or for vehicle battery maintenance.?

The process of charging a car battery works by using an electrical current to flow from the charger into the battery. This causes a chemical reaction that deposits electrons onto the plates of the battery, which then create a voltage potential that can be used to start a car. The rate at which a battery is charged is determined by how much current is flowing into it from the charger; higher currents will lead to faster charges.

Main problems are maintenance of the charging leads and  clips. These can easily be damaged by heat form incorrect connection and melting

GYS Battery Support

GYS battery support solutions are the preferred choice of battery support by professionals. These battery support solutions charge your battery and provide a stable voltage supply. Many experts choose GYSFLASH as it is usable on all the advanced vehicles on the market. The French manufacturer, established in 1964, continues to be a trusted source of quality welding equipment. At BWS, we are a proud supplier of GYS battery support solutions and the technical advice to go with them. So, browse the full range of GYS battery support products below or get in touch with our in-house experts.