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Plasma Cutters

Plasma Cutters enable fast cutting of steel using an arc to melt the material below the cutting tip. This molten metal is then blown out by compressed air producing a clean cut. Most plasma cutters list a cutting capacity as well as a severance capacity. The cutting capacity means what the plasma will cut cleanly. The severance cut can be a bit rougher as your reach the maximum of the plasma cutter. At BWS we stock the latest Inverter plasma cutters and support everything we sell with our own team of welding engineers, giving you peace of mind in your purchase. We are always here for advice technical support either by chat phone or email

Plasma Cutting sales and service

Plasma Cutting Sales and Service

BWS service and repair all makes of plasma cutters by our dedicated team of welding engineers. With nearl 100 years total experience in our team there isnt a plama cutter made we have not serviced or repaired. That experience can give you the confidence in your purchase from us that we will always be there to help should anything go wtong or you just need technical advice

We are always here to help simply contact us by email phone or by the chat on mobile phone.