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  • How to Fit a Teflon Liner In a MIG Torch
    December 4, 2019 paul jones

    How to Fit a Teflon Liner In a MIG Torch

    MIG MAG welding is an arc process and therefore any welder can be set up to weld aluminium but due to the softness of the welding wire and the problem of cross-contamination, it's not possible to use a normal steel liner as found in your MIG torch. Here we go through the installation and setup of a Carbon Teflon liner in a Binzel Type MIG torch with Euro adapter connection.
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  • How Do We Weld AHSS Steels On Automobiles
    December 4, 2019 paul jones

    How Do We Weld AHSS Steels On Automobiles

    There is still a lot of confusion when welding these new steels especially the UHSS  ( Ultra High Strength Steels ) when spot welding. 

    The "Why Do We Weld Booklet " available here for download,  will give you an insight Into how and why we weld these new types of steels. 

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    December 3, 2019 paul jones


    The "NEW" GYSPOT GENIUS EDITION INVERTER BP.LG - 400 V comes with some great new features and the latest design "C Gun" from GYS-IMS. Here we review some of its specifications and features for use in modern vehicle body repair shops....

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  • ATA AOM-133 Testing Onsite
    December 3, 2019 paul jones

    ATA AOM-133 Testing Onsite

    From January 2020 the IMI will replace the existing AOM-030 Bond & Rivet qualification with the AOM-133 Bonding & Mechanical Fastenings.

    IMI AOM-133 can now be carried out on-site!

    The module assesses a technicians’ ability to follow a researched repair method to remove existing bonded and mechanically fixed panels, apply blind rivets, self-piercing rivets, flow form rivets and use structural adhesives in conjunction with a reinforcement plate.

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  • TIG Welding On Aluminium Vehicles
    November 28, 2019 paul jones

    Can you TIG weld an aluminium vehicle?

    The HF enables ionisation of the air gap between the tungsten and the workpiece enabling the weld current to bridge the gap without having to touch the tungsten. Its also used every time the AC wave goes negative to help in the re-establishment of the arc. This Constant HF creates an HF bubble around the workpiece therefore anything conductive can have an HF voltage induced on it. This makes computers, telephones and sensitive electronics particularly vulnerable. 
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  • 5 Checks To Do Before You Weld
    November 26, 2019 paul jones

    5 Checks To Do Before You Weld

    MIG MAG welding is widely used in automobile repair shops and over many years of repairing and teaching welding, these are the 5 checks I would recommend you do before you even weld on the car.
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