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  • Reviewing the Parweld XR937H welding helmet
    October 21, 2019 paul jones


    The Latest True Color Helmet was tested out by the guys a J3weldfab, GM Structures and @TMdesigns for one of there get-togethers. These guys do some serious welding so we let them test the new Parweld XR937H welding Helmet with true colour and give an honest review on how it performed against there normal hoods.
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  • What Does Duty Cycle On a Welding Machine, Mean?
    October 17, 2019 paul jones

    What Does Duty Cycle On a Welding Machine, Mean?

    Duty cycle in its shortest explanation means how long a welding machine will weld at a given current before it over-heats.

    Duty Cycle is listed on the machines data plate and usually you will see 20-25-30% 60% and 100%

    Lets look at a welders specification plate and what it means!

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  • Whats Stronger a Spot Weld or a MAG Weld On THLE Steels?
    October 15, 2019 paul jones

    Whats Stronger a Spot Weld or a MAG Weld On THLE Steels?

     Illustrating the shear strength of a spot weld compared to a MIG plug weld in THLE Steel ( very high elastic limit MPa = 400 <Re <600 MPa). 

    The test, In this case, illustrated that the spot weld had an Ultimate Tensile Strength of 3261Kg compared to 1294Kg for an 8mm MIG plug weld. 

    The test highlights that if performed correctly a spotweld is, in fact, stronger than a MIG weld in THLE steel at a thickness of 2.5mm 

    Without getting too technical let's have a quick look at why this may be on HLSE.

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  • Aluminium Dent repair on an Audi TT
    October 7, 2019 paul jones


    Repairing aluminium car body panels is not necessarily more difficult than steel body panel repairs, but it does require different welding equipment and an understanding of some of the characteristics to repair it efficiently.  Here we discuss the equipment, techniques and theory for repairing dents in aluminium car body panels.
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  • Trust Ford and Breakout for Ben
    October 3, 2019 paul jones

    Breakout Out For Ben

    BWS Are Pleased to be helping Trust Ford in their sponsorship of The Trust Ford Team for the Motortrade charity "Breakout For Ben".

    Trust Ford has announced that its charity driving challenge, Breakout for Ben 2019, will be taking place again this year.

    The Ford dealer group held the fundraiser in 2018 and raised £112,000 for Ben. The charity provides financial, physical and mental support for those in the automotive industry.

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