A rivet tool is a useful piece of equipment that ensures that the hat of a rivet is pressed firmly against the installation surface. They're used to make high-strength joints and drive rivets. Here at BWS, we have many rivet tools available from leading manufacturers, including Gyspress, Advel, and Prospot. We recommend the Gyspress 10T Self-piercing riveter for its maximum pressure of 10 tonnes and manually adjusted actuator speed and rivet pressure.



Self-piercing rivets are join two or more materials together by piercing through the outer panel during installation with a press tool. at the rear of the joint is a forming anvil that causes the rivet shaft to spread and flare out. They are now used in vehicle manufacturing because they are relatively easy to use and they provide a strong, permanent bond without the need for drilling the panel.

There are a few benefits of using a self-piercing rivet tool. First, it can save you time and money. Second, it's a great way to join two pieces of metal together without having to use a welding machine. Third, it's a very efficient way to attach metal plates or panels. Finally, it's an easy way to install rivets without having any prior experience or training. Provide the answer to the question here.

SPR tools are pneumatic or hydraulic and have an arm that goes over to the rear of the panel. The centre shaft of the tool is pushed forward towards the rear of the arm. This pushing and squeezing action forces an SPR rivet to pierce the skin of the joint, continuing through till its pushed against the rear arm/anvil. This causes it to mushroom out at the rear of the panel forming a secure connection.

In vehicle body repair this can be determined by the vehicle manufacturer if you are an "approved " bodyshop. If not the only criteria is what squeeze pressure you require. Some manufacturers only require 5t and some now require 10t.

Here at BWS we stock manufacturer approved riveters for Ford, Jaguar Landrover, Mercedes and VW, Audi. We also GYSPRESS SPR rivet tools with a 10T squeeze pressure suitable for repairs on all modern vehicles.

Self Piercing Riveting Tool

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