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A welding helmet is the most important piece of equipment you will own. A good welding helmet can last you years and a very good one can even improve your welding! It's essential then that you get the best welding helmet with the best features you can afford. We feel we have put together some of the best helmets for you at each price point. The latest welding helmets use TRUE COLOUR lenses which means you can now see the weld in color instead of black and white. This really improves your welding.

Fronius Fazor Welding Helmets


Modern welding helmets use auto darkening technology and they are often referred to as reactalite helmets. Sensors on the front of the helmet react to the welding arc triggering the lens to darken to the shade set.

Hobby helmets have two sensors where as professional helmets have 4.


This setting means how sensitive do you want the sensors to be. Set it too low and it might not react to the arc especially when welding low amps. Set Too Hogh and other light sources might make the lens react.


This is how long you want the helmet to be dark AFTER you finish welding.


Set this according to the weld strength you are welding. Remember you need to see the weld pool, therefore the lens needs to be light enough for you to see the pool but dark enough so that you dont get tired eyes after welding for a length of time.

True Colour Welding Helmets


A welding helmets first job is to protect your eyes and most helmets do this admirably. The latest designed helmets offer "True Color" whilst still protecting your eyes from harmful IR and UV rays. This is a big thing and is a massive jump in lens technology.

We would always recommend you purchase "True Color" when choosing you next welding helmet

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Fronius Connect Air Fed Welding Helmet

Air Fed Welding Helmets

HSE, Health and safety executive now classifies welding of Ferrous steel as carcinogenic with the emphasis on the protection of the man and surrounding personnel. Therefore in a workplace PARP (powered air purifying respirator) has become a must. PARP or more commonly known as Air Fed welding helmets have a battery-powered air purifying filter on a belt with a hose attached to the helmet. The filter purifies and then blows clean air over the face of the welder creating a positive air effect in the helmet, meaning fumes cannot enter.

There is so many choices and costs for these helmets but all meet the relevant standards for protection whether they cost £400 or £1400. The main difference between the units would be the Quality of both the filter and the Welding Helmet lens.

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