A welding helmet is the most important piece of equipment you will own. A BWS welding helmet will withstand the test of time. We have put together some of the best helmets for you at each price point. The latest welding helmets use True Colour lenses which means you can now see the weld in color instead of black and white. Find your welding helmet with BWS today.


It's the most comfortable helmet with the largest "true colour" lens area, fastest switching speed and highest shade variation for your budget.

That's a sure fire way to get the right welding helmet for you.

You should spend as much as you can afford.

This will ensure you get the best features and more importantly switching speed to protect your eyes. A bare minimum should be it conforms to EN379, EN175, EN166, ANSI Z87.1 standards.

The answer is yes.

Better quality helmets have clearer vision because they use better quality lenses that are clearer when in the darker "reactive" state. This enables you to see the weld pool better, helping you produce more consistent welding.

A minimum of shade 9 is required for welding of any type and as your welding current increases so should your shading.

Remember its there to protect your eyes so have your shade light enough so that you can see the weld pool comfortably, but dark enough so that your eyes don't get strained.

TIG Welding can go as low as 10 amps, therefore a welding helmet would need to go lower than shade 9 for you to be able to see the weld pool. Therefore choose a helmet with a shading option between 5-9. Another essential option for TIG welding is sensors, the more sensors the better the helmet is suited for TIG welding.

What Type Of Welding Helmet Is Best?

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The best welding helmets are the ones that feature True Colour technology; the technology that protects your eyes without altering your visibility through the helmet. These features combined allow for your best weld possible, and BWS wants to be part of that. We stock a range of the best welding helmets available from leading manufacturers such as GYS, Speedglas and Fronius. Wondering what the best welding helmets are for you? Why not get in touch with our team of in-house engineers for expert advice across all of our products.