Torque Wrench Calibration

Torque Wrench Calibration

Torque wrenches are precision tools that require regular calibration due to the potential loss of accuracy over time and with usage. The accuracy and setting points of a torque wrench can be compromised by various factors, including exposure to environmental conditions, wear and tear, misuse, and accidental drops. Ideally, a torque wrench should remain within its specified tolerances for at least 5000 cycles.

Factors Affecting Accuracy: Several factors can affect a torque wrench's accuracy, including wear and tear from usage, exposure to environmental conditions (dust, humidity, temperature), misuse (e.g., using the wrench to loosen fasteners), and accidental drops.

Tyre guage calibration

Tyre Inflators are required by manufacturers to be calibrated a maximum of every 12 months for accuracy. Continuous use, dropping, moisture and dust can severely effect the accuracy of you inflator. At BWS we calibrate your inflator onsite and provide test certificates upon a successful result.

MIG Welder Training

At BWS out trained and mobile service engineers are able to offer the complete service and calibration of your equipment whilst our engineer is onsite. Most customers book servicing and then add on calibrations due to the enormous savings to be had. As our engineer is already onsite there is no extra charges for call outs or travel. We are therefore able to offer considerable discounts compared to a dedicated calibrations company. Speak to our sales department for more information


Calibration service to all models of Sartorius paint mixing scales- onsite.

AOM-133 BONDING and mechanical fastenings

Achieve BS10125 Criteria with AOM133

AOM133 is intended for technicians whose job role involves the repair of vehicle bodies. AOM133 is tailored to meet the needs of technicians who specialise in vehicle body repair.

Technicians are evaluated based on their ability to follow a researched repair method and remove existing bonded and mechanically fixed panels. They are also assessed on their skills in applying blind rivets, self-piercing rivets, flow form rivets, and using structural adhesives with a reinforcement plate.

Course Fee £325


Welder training courses Manchester

The training courses are held in our training centre in Manchester M40 2XG

A maximum of 2 personnel can be trained at any one time. We have two welding bays setup for this purpose.

Yes we do, please contact and we will contact you to find out your requirements and book an engineer.

The training includes all materials and gases for that welding process. Tea and coffee is also available as well as sandwiches for dinner.

MIG and TIG welder Training Manchester

at BWS Manchester we ar an approved IM training centre with have CSWIP qualified welding engineers able to offer bespoke one on one training for would be welders, experienced welders and automotive welders to improve and hone there skills.