TIG welding provides greater control, versatility and precision and ultimately, a refined weld. With BWS, we make finding the correct TIG welders for you, simple. With a broad range and free technical support, you're certain to find the right equipment for you, with BWS.

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TIG welding machines, Tungsten Inert Gas, provide a precise weld and are a staple of the industry. During the process of TIG welding, machines use a tungsten electrode to strike an arc, welding any material. It is a process used on mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium materials. TIG welding machines have been dubbed as the cleanest welding process due to their straightforward processes. Learn more about TIG welding machines by viewing our full collection at BWS. Should you require further technical support, the BWS team is always on hand to assist you. Contact them today with any queries regarding our TIG welding machines.