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Telwin T-Raction Air Operated Dent Puller

Welding Equipment

If you are in search of welding equipment and machines, the team at BWS can assist you. With over 27 years of industry experience, combined with a genuine passion for delivering quality and affordable solutions, we are proud to call ourselves one of the nation’s leading welding suppliers in the automotive repair sector. BWS are Automotive welding equipment specialists with a comprehensive range of innovative products for the vehicle body repair industry. Ranging from Spot Welders, MIG welders, plastic repair welders and more! We are continually looking for the best and most innovative products in class at the best prices. Our range includes industry leading manufacturers enabling you to repair faster and more cost effectively. BWS Your One Stop For welding equipment!


Basic Welding Ltd or BWS Ltd for short is one of the UK's premier service providers of equipment for body repair shops and garages. 

Our team are all welders, who know what welders want. High-quality, durable welding equipment at affordable prices. Because we are welders, we’re able to offer technical support on another level. 

We provide a complete service, support and installation package on everything we sell. You can buy from us with confidence; you’re truly in the hands of experts.

It’s simple. We’re welders and we personally approve every piece of equipment we sell. You’re buying from fellow engineers with a breadth of industry knowledge. 

We therefore can say that we can service and repair everything that we sell, in-house. Giving you complete peace of mind for your purchase and beyond. You know that we’re always here to help.

BWS Ltd is based in Manchester. We’re quite close to the Manchester City Etihad Stadium.

Yes we can!

We have 6 service engineers offering welder training, machine service and repair Nationwide. We also travel regularly to Jersey, Northern Ireland and Eire.