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In the world of automotive body repair and paint, efficiency and speed are crucial. Repair centres are constantly seeking ways to optimise their processes and reduce cycle times. One significant advancement in this field is the introduction of UV paint curing technology. In this blog post, we will explore how UV paint curing is changing the game and revolutionising the automotive repair industry.

Understanding the Need for Speed

Automotive coating technology has come a long way, with a focus on cost-effective methods for body and paint repairs. The industry's new buzzword is "cycle times," which refers to the time it takes to complete a repair job. Shorter cycle times mean more efficiency and productivity, making it essential for modern body repair centres to adopt innovative solutions.

scangrip Uv pint curing lights the full range

UV Paint Curing: A Game-Changer

UV paint curing is not a new concept, but it has been associated with high costs, primarily due to the expensive handheld units required for the process. However, Scangrip, one of the world's leading handheld LED solution companies, has entered the scene with an exciting range of handheld UV LED lights, and what's even more remarkable is the cost-effectiveness they offer. 

Th Scangrip UV range offers something for everyone of every budget. Even the top of the range unit is remarkably great value for money.

How do UV Paint Curing Lights work?

UV (Ultraviolet) paint curing lights work by emitting high-intensity ultraviolet light in the UV-A or UV-B spectrum to rapidly cure or harden certain types of paints, coatings, adhesives, and inks. This curing process is often used in automotive repair, printing, woodworking, and other industries where quick drying and hardening of materials are essential. Here's how UV paint curing lights work:

  1. Ultraviolet Light Source: UV curing lights are equipped with specialised UV lamps or LEDs that emit UV radiation in the desired wavelength range. The most common UV wavelengths used for curing are in the UV-A range (around 365 to 405 nanometers) or UV-B range (around 280 to 315 nanometers).

  2. Photosensitive Materials: To work with UV curing, the paint or coating being applied must contain photo-initiators or photoactive compounds. These materials react when exposed to UV light and initiate a chemical reaction known as polymerisation or cross-linking. This reaction causes the liquid coating to solidify and harden rapidly.

  3. Application of Coating: The UV-curable paint or coating is applied to the surface of the object to be treated. This could be a car panel, printed material, wood, or any other substrate.

  4. UV Exposure: The UV curing light is then directed at the coated surface. The high-intensity UV light activates the photo-initiators within the paint or coating, triggering the polymerisation process. As a result, the liquid coating transforms into a solid, durable finish.

  5. Rapid Curing: UV paint curing is exceptionally fast. Depending on the intensity of the UV light source and the thickness of the coating, the curing process can take just a few seconds to a few minutes. This speed of curing is one of the main advantages of UV curing technology, as it significantly reduces production time and allows for quicker handling of finished products.

  6. No Solvents or Heat: Unlike traditional paint curing methods that may require solvents or heat, UV curing does not rely on these elements. This makes UV curing an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient option, as it produces minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and does not generate excessive heat.

  7. High-Quality Finish: UV-cured coatings typically result in a high-quality finish with excellent adhesion, hardness, and durability. The absence of solvents also means there is no risk of solvent-related defects like wrinkling or bubbling.

In summary, UV paint curing lights work by emitting UV radiation to trigger a rapid chemical reaction in UV-curable coatings, transforming them from a liquid to a solid state. This technology offers numerous advantages, including speed, energy efficiency, and high-quality finishes, making it a popular choice in various industries.


THE FUTURE OF PAINT CURING IS HERE! with Scangrips Feature packed range!

scangrip UV Pen for Spot repairs

The UV PEN is the starter in the Scangrip UV range and is designed for small spot repairs. Its rechargeable and really hand as to comes with a pocket clip making it really easy to carry. Its designed for narrow edges such as doors and wheel arch areas. its charged via a small USB adapter.

 Scangrip Nova UV S Paint Curing Light

NOVA-UV S is slim and handy with a long operating time. Due to the flexible bracket with strong magnets, NOVA-UV Scan be placed in different positions to obtain the desired UV cure angle.

The housing is made of sturdy die-casted aluminium and is resistant to strokes, shocks and vibrations. Solvent resistant glass lenses are fitted as standard

It has a built-in timer system from 1-5 minutes and a battery indicator.

It's very comfortable to hold and the angle is perfect in your hand so that you can keep it easily over the area to be cured.

Magnets placed in the handle also help you store the lamp when not being used. I simply stuck it to the paint booth wall when not being used and this kept it safe and easily to hand.

There is optional stands as well so that you can set a couple of lights up to cure a large area. 

The worlds most powerful UV paint Curing Light

The Extreme 

Scangrip have introduced the new EXtreme UV paint curing light which they state is the worlds most powerful UV paint curing lamp.

The UV-EXTREME, identified by item no. 03.5272, and the UV-EXTREME PLUS, marked with item no. 03.5273, will deliver over three and six times the power, respectively, compared to the current UV lights, making them the most potent UV lights globally.

These two new EXTREME curing lights have an active cooling system in place to maximize UV output while maintaining a compact product design.

The UV-EXTREME PLUS stands out as the most superior and powerful LED work light worldwide, ideal for rapidly and efficiently curing larger paint repair areas, reaching dimensions of up to 135 x 130 cm, equivalent to the size of a car door.

The UV-EXTREME work light comes packaged in a robust and high-quality case capable of withstanding shocks and rough handling during shipping. This case features a built-in handle for ease of transport, and when the lights are not in use, it can serve as a convenient storage solution for the lamp.

Cold Curing Technology for Versatility

Scangrip's range of LED solutions for UV curing is suitable for curing UV-cured primers and UV-cured body fillers, making it versatile for various paint repair work. It offers faster curing times, with high-performance capabilities allowing for curing in just 1 minute. Additionally, these LED units have a long lifetime, exceeding 30,000 hours of use, and consume minimal energy. Importantly, they do not generate heat, ensuring the safety of the user.

So if you are looking for the latest UV paint Curing Technology then Scangrip have an offering for you, and at any budget. UV paints and fillers are here to stay and are only going to get better as technology and more manufacturers push the development boundaries. 



Q1: What is UV Paint Curing and how does it work?
A1: UV Paint Curing is a process that utilizes ultraviolet (UV) light to quickly dry or cure paint coatings on surfaces, especially vehicles. This method involves exposing the freshly painted surface to UV lamps, which emit a specific light wavelength to accelerate the drying process.

Q2: What are the benefits of using UV Paint Curing Lights for vehicle paint curing?
A2: The primary benefits include significantly reduced drying time – often just 1 minute – improved paint quality, energy efficiency, and a lower environmental impact compared to traditional curing methods. This technology also allows for immediate quality checks and faster throughput in paint shops.

Q3: Are UV Paint Curing Lights safe to use?
A3: Yes, when used correctly and with proper safety equipment, UV Paint Curing Lights are safe. It is important to follow manufacturer guidelines, use protective gear, and ensure proper ventilation to avoid exposure to UV light and fumes.

Q4: How does 1-minute vehicle paint curing revolutionize the auto industry?
A4: This technology drastically reduces wait times for paint curing, allowing for a more efficient workflow in auto manufacturing and repair shops. This results in faster delivery times, increased productivity, and potentially lower costs for both businesses and consumers.

Q5: Can UV Paint Curing lights be used on all types of vehicle paint?
A5: the short answer is No, UV Paints and fillers are specific and only to be used with UV paint curing lights. These specialist products can be found easily though as they are manufactured by all the leading players in the paint industry. Check out our UV Paint Curing compatibility guide here! 

Q6: How does UV Paint Curing compare to traditional drying methods?
A6: Compared to traditional drying methods, UV Paint Curing is much faster, more energy-efficient, and can provide a more durable and higher-quality finish. However, it may require a higher initial investment in equipment and specialized paints.

Q7: Where can I find more information about UV Paint Curing technology?
A7: For more detailed information, visit our blog post at https://www.basicwelding.co.uk/blogs/news/1-minute-paint-curing, which provides an in-depth guide to this innovative technology.

 Paul Jones- Managing Director BWS Ltd

Paul Jones

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Ive been a welding engineer for over 30 years and a welding inspector for 23 years with vast experience of welding and related topics. 

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January 29, 2024

Hi Stuart, There is already manufacturers thinking of this. UV lamps systems are coming to market on trolleys much like the older Infra red systems.
There is also portable air filtration systems coming to market that will enable you to spray, and sand anywhere in your workshop, not just in a booth. Watch this space!

Stuart Martin
Stuart Martin

January 29, 2024

could you replace all the LED tubes in a pressurised spray booth with an array of these? the current technology of heating a booth for half an hour using a diesel burner is both time and energy consuming. we currently use about 700 liters of diesel for the burners a month.

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