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1 Minute Vehicle Paint Curing !

1 Minute Vehicle Paint Curing !


Automotive coating technology is continually evolving with more cost-effective methods for automotive body and paint repair. Cycle times are the new buzz word as body repair companies seek to maximise labour and throughput times.


Anything that can increase production for a reasonable outlay is deemed a necessity for a modern body repair centre.

UV paint curing is not new it has been around for a few years but its been expensive with a few handheld units costing a couple of thousand pounds/dollars. Enter left Scangrip won of the worlds leading handheld LED solution companies with there new range of handheld UV led lights. What's more amazing is the cost.

The range has 3 options. The UV pen which costs £99.00. The UV Light costing £159.00 and the top of the range Nova - at £389.00


Th Scangrip UV range offers something for everyone of every budget. Even the top of the range unit is remarkably great value for money. 


NOVA-UV S is slim and handy with a long operating time. Due to the flexible bracket with strong magnets, NOVA-UV S can be placed in different positions to obtain the desired UV cure angle.


The housing is made of sturdy die-casted aluminium and is resistant to strokes, shocks and vibrations. Solvent resistant glass lenses are fitted as standard

It has a built-in timer system from 1-5 minutes and a battery indicator.

It's very comfortable to hold and the angle is perfect in your hand so that you can keep it easily over the area to be cured.

Scangrip UV PenScangrip UV Nova

Magnets placed in the handle also help you store the lamp when not being used. I simply stuck it to the paint booth wall when not being used and this kept it safe and easily to hand.

There is optional stands as well so that you can set a couple of lights up to cure a large area. 



The range of LED solutions for UV curing is applicable for curing of UV cured primers and UV cured body fillers and designed to handle any small or large sized paint repair work.

Faster curing, only 1 minute through high performance 

Long lifetime > 30.000 hours and low energy consumption No heat generation.
Rechargeable products with long operation time.



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