MIG torches can have an impact on productivity, quality of the weld, and operating costs. This is why it is so important to choose the right MIG torches for your job. BWS only supplies quality products and our MIG torches are no exception.
We sell leading brands Parweld and Fronius MIG torches,to ensure that our customers are getting the best MIG Torches on the market at the best price.

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MIG torches are designed for the simple, effective feeding of the welding wire from the welder to the material. They also supply the welding current to enable the arc process as the welding wire shorts to the material to be welded. 

When choosing a MIG torch, it is highly important to select the current usage and the type of wire you are going to run. Choosing the wrong current rated torch can cause your welder to overheat more quickly and can also impede weld performance and appearance.

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Choosing the right MIG torch invariably means knowing what type of welding you are going to do and what welding currents you are going to use. MIG torches are grouped into current ranges. Standard current ranges are 150A-250A 360A.

Other torches can also be used all the way up to 600 amps. If you are a hobby or vehicle bodywork type of welder then a 150A torch is good. Welding gates and railing or light fabrication then choose a250A.

For production and thicker steels 5mm or more then choose a 360A

The MIG tip transfers the welding current onto the wire as it feeds through the hole. It also serves to direct the wire into the same position so that a weld pool can be developed quickly. AS the tip wears the hole gets bigger causing the wire to wander and causing intermittent current feed onto the wire. This can mean less smooth welding and increased spatter. Change your welding tips often to reduce this.

The MIG welding torch nozzles basic function is to ensure the welding gas shrouds the weld pool protecting it from atmosphere whilst its molten. Therefore its essential that its not filled with spatter as this can create swirls in the gas shroud possible sucking in atmosphere and contamination the weld. Always ensure your nozzle is free from smatter before welding.

Most people would recommend teflon liners for welding aluminium, but we have found over many years of repair and trials that carbon teflon is the best liner

This is because normal teflon is too soft and can be easily bent or kinked when twisting the torch about, this can create wire feed faults. Carbon teflon liners were designed for push pull torches and to feed the wire over longer distances, they therefore resits kinking and creasing, meaning they last longer and give better feeding of the wire.

Mig Welding Torch Spares

Getting the correct MIG welding torches for your equipment is vital in ensuring the best end result possible. At BWS we can help, with our selection of Parweld and Fronius MIG welding torches. We have also put together a MIG Welding torch buying guide to help customers with their purchases, and to make sure that you get the right MIG torch for your job. At BWS, we pride ourselves on our exemplary customer service. This is done through our team of engineering experts who strive to assist all customers with their welding needs. With over 30 years of experience, there is no one better to contact than the BWS team for technical guidance. Get in touch today or browse our range of MIG welding torches.