A Fronius MIG torch goes hand in hand with any Fronius MIG Welder. The torches come with ergonomic handles allowing for long usage during production as well as outputs of up to 500A.  BWS is a proud stockist on Fronius MIG torch equipment and replacement parts. Engineers ourselves, we understand the needs of every welder and only supply the finest equipment in the industry. 


Fronius Wear Parts

A Fronius MIG welding torch is a very important part of the welding process and ultimately your weld appearance. MIG welding consumables are an important part of the process for making your welds the best you can be.



The Main difference between normal MIG torches and Fronius MIG Torches is they use a dedicated FSC connector to the machine. This quick connectors enables fast efficient connection and removal of the torch. Another reason is matched quality. Each Fronius MIG Torch is matched to each welding set to give optimum performance and long life.

The answer is yes! They are manufactured to give the optimum performance and consumable life for your chosen welding machine. The parts and consumables again are designed and manufactured to the highest quality giving longer life than competitors torches.

Each torch is designed for the easy exchange of spare parts so that you can keep production to a maximum. Wear parts kits are available for each torch and include all the spare parts you will need to maintain your torch correctly