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IMS : The brand for welding professionals

IMS Welding cataloge 2022

IMS is the industrial arm of GYS and for For 50 years, the IMS brand has built a reputation of excellence and reliability in design, manufacturing and the distribution of Arc and Spot Welding machines.

Serving a professional and industrial audience, the greatest care has been taken throughout all elements of the design and manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality.

By choosing an IMS machine, you can be sure that:

They include advanced design technology

They have been built with the highest manufacturing standards

100% of machines have been individually tested.


GYS Spot Welding guns


The new Trafo Guns From IMS are a real step up in spot welder gun design. Simple sungle lever connection/diconnection of the welding arms with integral water connectors mean fast and efficient changing of electrode arms. A common fault with most spot welders was arcing here at the connection. Again nthis is negated somewheat by the use of brass connections on the electrode arms