At BWS, we sell Parweld MIG torches suited to all welding applications. These torches are designed for a simple, yet effective application. The ergonomics of the torch make it easier to use, as the torches come with the Pro-Grip MaxⓇ technology. This technology across the Parweld MIG torch range is said to increase comfort and improve performance. The BWS team is always on hand to help customers with any queries they may have. In fact, we offer free technical support and guidance across all of our products. We encourage you to get in touch today with any questions you may have regarding the Parweld MIG torch range at BWS.

Parweld mig welding torch

A Parweld MIG welding torch is the optimal torch for those wanting an ergonomic, powerful solution to their welding needs. Through the power of the Pro-Grip Max® technology, Parweld has designed welding torches that increase comfort and productivity and we at BWS are proud to supply such items. We offer worldwide shipping and unmatched customer service. Free technical support is available from our team, whenever you need it. Contact them today to get the answers to any of your questions regarding the Parweld MIG welding torch collection.