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  • Fronius Vizor Connect Bluetooth connected welding helmet
    June 2, 2020 paul jones

    The Future of Welding Helmets is Here!

    Optrel the innovator of the first reactalite welding helmet and Fronius a world leader in welding equipment technology have joined forces to produce the first Bluetooth connected welding helmet. Now the man and machine are joined offering many potential features in the future.
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  • Basic Welding LTD 232 Briscoe Lane Manchester M40 2XG Building
    May 22, 2020 paul jones

    While You Were Away!

    Wow, COVID 19 who saw that coming!  Well, what a three months this has been!  Maybe for some of you, it's been longer?  Well, I hope you are all ok and let's also hope everything can get back to some order of normality and companies can resume working.
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  • Fronius has just unveiled the "New" TRANSTIG 170/210
    April 30, 2020 paul jones


    The Smallest and Most Powerful TIG Welding Machine!  Fronius has just unveiled the "New" TRANSTIG 170/210 TIG MMA Inverter power sources designed for professional engineers desiring high-quality functions and arc quality,  in a light, mobile package.

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  • Telwin 240 Wave Pulsed Multiprocess MIG Banner
    April 27, 2020 paul jones


    TECHNOMIG 240 WAVE Technomig 240 Wave is a multiprocess inverter welding machine  (MIG-MAG/FLUX/TIG/MMA)  with a Wave OS operating system. This makes it quick and simple to select the correct synergic welding parameter for the job. Its main feature though is the...

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  • Beegreen Oil Spillage Absorbent for workshops and bodyshops
    April 19, 2020 paul jones

    How To Clean Engine Oil Spillages In a Workshop

    Oil, water and fuel spillages are potential Health and Safety Hazards in a home, workshop, garage or bodyshop. It's not impossible to clean oil stains from concrete in your home garage or workshop but you must act quickly otherwise the oil will impregnate the microscopic holes in the concretes surface permanently. Use an absorption material so as not push the oil into the holes. 

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