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  • Pulsed MIG Welding
    February 24, 2020 paul jones

    What Is Pulsed MIG Welding?

    Pulsed welding is where a constantly changing low and high current is produced at a given frequency by the welding machine. This pulsing high low effect means not as much heat is put into the weld seam enabling thinner materials to be welded. Its especially useful when aluminium welding.
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    February 21, 2020 paul jones


    The Future of Bodyshop Welding Equipment is Here! The NEW Telwin Technomig 243 Wave is the latest multipurpose welder to come out aimed at the modern bodyshop and workshop. It's a 230v compact Inverter Pulsed MIG MAG MMA welder with three MIG welding torches so that you are always ready to weld no matter what material....
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  • MIG MAG Welding Spray Transfer
    February 18, 2020 paul jones

    What Is Spray Arc Welding

     Spray or droplet welding is a type of welding where the welding wire doesn't short with the material ie it doesn't touch. The plasma arc is so high that droplets are melted off the wire and transferred or dropped onto the workpiece.
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  • Fronius What Is MIG Welding- Dip Transfer
    February 17, 2020 paul jones

    What is Dip Transfer Welding?

    The welding wire is essentially a fuse,  the same as in a mains electrical box that is designed to “blow” at a certain current (amps).  On the front of the welding machine is a voltage switch that enables you to select different voltage settings. The lower the voltage the lower the explosion of the wire, the higher the voltage the higher the explosion. 
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