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Cold joining technology has reached the next level of performance with the need for multi-material stack-ups of heat sensitive materials. Therefore manufacturers such as Jaguar Landrover, Tesla, VW, Mercedes and more are continually assessing their tooling and are recommending updating as we move forward.

The introduction of these new new stack-ups (joints) has meant greater squeeze for pressures are required to complete the joint.

SPR Rivets

 SPR Rivets

SPR rivets are designed to both pierce and form a permanent fastening within the parts being joined (Barnes and Pashby, 2000b; 2008).  The joint is formed when a semi-tubular rivet shaped like a top hat is forced into the material to be joined piercing through to a shaping anvil to the rear. This shaping anvil forces the skirt (tube) of the rivet to spread and fasten without perforating the material. It therefore creates a fully weathered, water tight, and non-heat producing joint.

The nature of this process is such that high squeeze pressures are required (typically 40kN in a  DP600 to DP600),  and access is also required to both sides.

Propsot PR-8 Spr Insertion

The previous generation Prospot PR-5 had a squeeze pressure was 50kN and this now doesn't meet manufacturers criteria as new harder materials are being implemented that require greater squeeze force.

SPR Inserted

Manufacturers such as Porsche, Jaguar, Landrover, VW Audi have implemented 80kn now being required.


Prospot Pr-8 Rivet Tool



It comes in a plastic moulded case with cut out sections for each part:

  • Prospot PR-8 SPR Gun
  • Anvil Accessories box
  • 2 x Batteries
  • Battery Charger
  • Handle

Prospot PR-8 SPR Rivet tool



The New digital pressure control means you can preset the squeeze pressure at the rear of the gun to the manufacturers squeeze requirements. This is a great feature in that it can stop over squeeze of the rivet and subsequently the panel which can cause distortion. Over-pressure is as bad as under pressure and its something all manufacturers are concerned about as tis can causes distortion of the panel or incorrect rivet fitment.

Prospot PR-8 Digital Control

The New Prospot PR-8 has a squeeze pressure of 80kN and some great new features that some manufacturers are looking for.

  • Battery Operated
  • 80kn Squeeze Force
  • Manufacturer approved
  • POP Rivet attachment
  • POP, Breakstem, Flow and SPR compatible
  • Digital control
  • Manufacturers Die Kit


Blind Rivet Adapter

Prospot blind rivet adapter

Blind rivets are another area of modern vehicle repair that is constantly changing. Again greater squeeze pressures are required. Before technicians had seperate rivet tools such as the Genesis G4 or Taurus 4 POP rivet tools. with the NEW Prospot Blind rivet tool attachment all tasks can be completed with one tool.

Its narrow and 360˚ rotational head  means it can get into all the narrow spaces in a vehicle frame during repair. The Blind Rivet adapter enables the PR-8 to set blind rivets at 20kN force.

Lithium Ion Batteries & Charger

The PR-8 Rivet Gun System includes two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries & a battery charger. Each battery provides approximately 250 cycles on a full charge.

 Prospot PR-8 banner 2


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