May 18, 2020 2 min read

So you want to clean the inside of your car or your office safely eliminating odours, bacteria and now COVID 19. It can be really tricky involving many different chemicals and avenues of attack. Even then,

Have you wiped down everything?

Have you missed anything?

It can be a very laborious task involving lots of time, cost and energy.

What if you could just plug something into the vehicles power socket, switch it on, shut the door and go for a cappuccino while it works its magic!

Ozone Sanitizor for cars and vehicles

The New HBC Ozone Sterilizer is a small portable device that utilises patented UV-C & OZONE Technology.  The UV-C light produces ozone (O3) in connection with the natural oxygen (O2) content in the air, much in the same way, the sun does. By using this method no harmful nitrogen oxides (NOX) arise. 

Ozone is an effective germicide and virucide, ozone has the ability to combine with organic substances in the air such as Nicotine, and the ozone oxidizes these. Thereby thebacteria, vira and spores present in the air are being eliminated.

Therefore Safely returning 30 to 60 minutes after enjoying your cappuccino to an odour free, bacteria and viral free zone.

All this without chemicals!

ozone odour removal

THE HBC System Ozone Odour Removal Unit

Combats odour, mould, bacteria and viruses in cars, caravans and rooms. Designed to sanitize enclosed areas and will eliminate without the use of chemicals. 


During the cleaning process, the smelling air in the room is sucked into the Ozone system and passes the special HBC LED lamp. 

This treated and disinfected air is then fed back to the room with an ozone residue. Slowly cleaning and removing bacteria and viruses.

The HBC System Ozone Odour Removal Unit has a 2-year warranty and over 8000 hours of use before the LEDs will need replacing.

All in all its a fast cost-effective and safe way to clean your environment.

System H Ozone generator 220V


The HBC Ozone Odour Removal Unit Comes in 110v and 240V supply and it's simply plugged in and set. First, ensure all windows and doors are secure and place the small 430mm long box in the centre of the area you want sterilizing. It's suitable for areas up to 125 m3, set the length of the timer, shut the door and leave. It's as simple as that!


  • Car dealerships
  • Car rental agencies
  • Leasing companies, fleet owners
  • Taxi & ride-sharing companies 
  • Hospitals, nursing homes.
  • Hotels, Restaurants.

The HBC Ozone Odour Removal Unit Comes in 110v and 240V supply and its simply plug and play. First, ensure all windows and doors are secure and place the small (430mmx

This is a service that you could provide by sterilising the vehicle for customers and removing odours, bacteria and viruses. A winner all round!. 

  Ozone Cleaner Kills Bacteriaozone vehicle cleaner uses no chemicalsCovid 19 Virus eliminator


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