May 22, 2020 1 min read

Wow, COVID 19 who saw that coming!  Well, what a three months this has been!  Maybe for some of you, it's been longer?  Well, I hope you are all ok and let's also hope everything can get back to some order of normality and companies can resume working.

We have been very busy at BWS updating our building and working on our website whilst we couldn't travel. Some of us have managed to keep working all the way through as we provided spares and repairs to key worker companies who remained open. This proved difficult sometimes as all the hotels were closed so we had to travel, repair and return to base all in the same day. 

All the companies we visited were great, trying to carry on working whilst observing the lockdown rules. Some opening up their shops just so we could work alone.  Its been a bit of weird experience.  

It has been a worrying time for all. The part I have missed the most is communicating with people, especially the training aspect, and look forward to getting back to that. 

Our industry though is demanding but the people in it are resolute and hardworking  

This is just a short hello! I hope you are all ok and if you need any help or technical support to let you know we are here for you!


Thanks For Your Continued Support!

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