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The Smallest and Most Powerful TIG Welding Machine!

Fronius has just unveiled the "New" TRANSTIG 170/210 TIG MMA Inverter power sources designed for professional engineers desiring high-quality functions and arc quality,  in a light, mobile package.

The Fronius TransTig is a completely digitised TIG DC power source with a perfect clear stable arc.  Due to precise control of the inverter, this is possible and at the same time, they can offer a high duty cycle from a small package.

Fronius Trantig 170

The TransTig is also particularly impressive for mobile applications, as its lightweight and easy to handle design aids users with their varied tasks.

The design of the case follows the new Fronius design ethos and creates a very pleasing look of quality. Just looking good though is not only what this welder is all about. It's all about mobility and being able to perform in the harshest environments at the peak of its powers.

The modular design and ability to extend the system offer a high degree of flexibility with the power sources also generator compatible.

The case is robust and soaks up the bangs and heavy use with ease. The collars around the control panel help protect it but still allows for easy adjustment. The single synergic knob like all things Fronius conveys a solid, precise feel even through tig gloves.


Both units can be ordered in dual 110-230v supply and the inputs are internally protected from fluctuations of 30%. This is great for site work as sometimes the supply available isn't the best.


Fronius Transtig 170 /210 synergic control


There are lots of features packed into a small face and this could make it seem cluttered but very quickly you get used to it as the main features you will use day to day are easily accessible. whilst other settings such as slope up/down, pre/post flow gas are accessed via the control knob (1)  and the setting displayed on the two bright digital displays. 

Fronius Transtig 170 control panel


To set the most important welding parameters on the function curve


To check the gas flow and purge the hose pack after a long period of downtime


For welding processes, 2-step, 4-step, and electrode mode


For 2-step, 4-step, and special 4-step mode


Remote control mode, electrode overload, CEL mode, Trigger Mode Off, HF, TAC, pulse and spot welding mode

More information on the functions of the control are available HERE


The TIG controls overview or "graph" goes around the center knob which makes for easy understanding of what you are adjusting.  It also means settings such as slope up/down, pre/post flow gas can be adjusted by simply turning the knob until the desired function has an LED-lit. Then press the knob and adjust the setting. Once set to the desired setting simply press again and move on to the next function.



Fronius 170 Mode button


Pressing the Mode button toggles between TIG and MMA mode. The selected process is then lit up in the display. They do give some feedback that you have actually pressed them, unlike some other machines control switches.



TIG, TIG Pulse and TAC functions with lift and HF start.  The TAC Function helps in tacking components together by providing an oscillating weld pool by means of pulse currents. This makes tacking easier and so reduces time. I personally found this a really good feature as tacking thin components together has always been a problem for me. The TAC function can also be paired with the spot function to help you achieve consistent tacking points of the same size.


The Transtig 170/210 are compatible with the latest "multilock" torches enabling different size TIG torch heads to be fitted to the same body.

Speaking of torch bodies the  two available at the moment are the:


Fronius Up/down multipack torch




Fronius Jobmaster Tig Torch


The Up/down would be standard fitment for the TIG package, the Jobmaster showing more functions and having a digital display would be more for the workshop dedicated TIG user.  Take a look at the torches here


Some great functions for MMA users such as

  • Anti-sticking,
  • Hot start.
  • Ramp.
  • Dynamic correction.
  • CEL Electrode mode.
  • UCO or break mode.which enables finishing the weld by lifting the rod away from the job

Fronius Transtig 170 TIG MMA welder


Having spent some time with the Transtig 170 the main thing I noticed was the arc, it felt soft and controllable in TIG mode, precise even, Slight movements up or down didn't cause the arc to wander. It just felt comfortable like an old friend. Whether it was the machine or me just appreciating a bit of quality but I did notice my welds looked better.

With the NEW Fronius Transtig 170/210, I feel Fronius has yet again moved the game on and at the same time increased its reputation as possibly the best welding equipment manufacturer.

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