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Telwin Smart Inductor 5000 Twister

by Telwin


Induction heating system that is an intelligent solution for speeding up and simplifying the removal of blocked parts (bolts, bearings, gears, etc.) thanks to the specific accessory Heat Twister. 
It is also suitable for the removal of glued parts (windows, rear windows, plastic parts, stickers, glass roofs, interior and exterior trims, etc.) thanks to other optional accessories (Metal Releaser, Super Remover, Glass Genius, Wonder Pen, Pad Inductor). 
It is particularly suitable for vehicle bodies and guarantees greatly reduced intervention times. 
It adjusts its intensity in an intelligentand completely automatic manner (Smart Power) using an innovative AutoCheck microprocessor system. 
Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, it can transfer a large amount of heat to a specific area (Smart Protection) in just a few seconds. In this way it does not damage glass, rubber, plastic and painted surfaces in the area being worked on, or even in the surrounding areas. 
- intelligent control with Autocheck system 
- user-friendly digital panel 
- automaticand manual mode 
- activation and correct operation signals. 
Complete with 10V M8/M10 and 14V M12/M14Twister accessories.