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PRO-RIV Universal SPR Gun Kit

by CMO


Pro-Riv Universal Self Piercing Rivet Gun Kit in Case

The  CMO Pro-Riv Universal SPR Rivet Tool Complete with Anvils and Case
Battery Operated SPR Rivet System
Perfect for steel and aluminium.


Self-Pierce Riveting (SPR) is a cold joining process used to fasten two or more sheets of material by driving a rivet through the top sheet(s) and upsetting the rivet, under the influence of a die, into the lower sheet without piercing the material. The shape of the rivet is influenced at the rear by the shape of the rear die. The front of the rivet appears flush.

SPR Rivets can be used on many materials including steel and aluminium.  It can also be used to join different materials together to form a composite joint.

In automotive repair usually, a bond is also applied.

The PRO-RIV Universal Riveter has a fully controlled forward and reverse action exactly the same as more expensive units on the market. 

Anvils are supplied for SPR removal, hole shaping and rivet insertion. Insertion anvil heads are magnetic to enable the easy location of the rivet.


The PRO-RIV SPR comes with the small aluminium arm suitable for standard riveting on vehicle panel edges.

    • SPR rivet gun
    • Carrying case
    • 1 arm 35mm
    • Optional medium 110 mm arms and large 220 mm arms available
    • A standard set of dies including dies compatible with BMW/Audi applications
    • 2 Lithium rechargeable batteries
    • 1 battery charge using either 110v or 220v

Includes the Blind Rivet Tool required for FORD TRUCKS - F-150