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The Power of Precision Welding with a Jasic Pulse 230V


Perfect Welds Every Time

Are you tired of inconsistent and subpar welds? Look no further than the JASIC MIG 250P Pulse Inverter Compact. This advanced welding machine is designed to deliver precision and perfection in every weld. With its state-of-the-art pulse inverter technology, you can achieve flawless welds with utmost control and accuracy.

Experience the Difference:

Unmatched Versatility The JASIC MIG 250P Pulse Inverter Compact is a versatile welding solution that adapts to your specific needs. Whether you're working with mild steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, this powerhouse can handle it all. Its adjustable pulse frequency and width allow you to fine-tune your welding process, resulting in clean, professional-looking welds on a wide range of materials.

Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity:

Boost Your Workflow, Time is precious, especially in the fast-paced world of welding. The JASIC MIG 250P Pulse Inverter Compact is designed to optimise your workflow and maximise your productivity. Its higher welding speed compared to dip transfer , combined with excellent arc stability ensures you can complete projects efficiently without compromising quality. Say goodbye to time-consuming rework and hello to faster turnaround times.

PRO Installation Available by Qualified Welding Engineers

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Advantages of Pulsed MIG Welding Over Dip Transfer welding

Pulsed MIG welding offers several advantages over dip transfer welding, providing greater control, improved weld quality, and enhanced productivity. Here are some of the key advantages:
  1. Reduced Heat Input: Pulsed MIG welding allows for lower average heat input compared to dip transfer welding. By pulsing the current, the welder can control the peak heat and reduce the overall heat input into the base metal. This is particularly beneficial when welding thin materials or heat-sensitive alloys, as it minimises the risk of distortion, warping, and burn-through.

  2. Precise Control: Pulsed MIG welding provides better control over the weld pool and deposition. The ability to adjust the pulse parameters, such as peak current, background current, pulse frequency, and pulse duration, allows the welder to fine-tune the welding process. This precise control results in improved weld bead appearance, reduced spatter, and better overall weld quality.

  3. Enhanced Joint Penetration: Pulsed MIG welding offers improved joint penetration, especially in vertical and overhead welding positions. The pulsed current helps to break up surface tension and allows for better fusion and penetration into the joint. This ensures stronger and more reliable welds, even in challenging positions or with thicker materials.

  4. Increased Productivity: Pulsed MIG welding can increase productivity compared to dip transfer welding. The controlled pulsing action enables faster travel speeds while maintaining good weld quality. This reduces overall welding time, increases throughput, and improves efficiency, making it ideal for high-volume production environments.

  5. Versatility: Pulsed MIG welding is highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of materials and applications. It can be used with various metals, including stainless steel, aluminium, and carbon steel. The adjustable pulse parameters allow for customisation based on the specific material thickness, joint configuration, and desired welding outcome.

In summary,

Pulsed MIG welding offers advantages such as reduced heat input, precise control, enhanced joint penetration, increased productivity, and versatility. These benefits make it a preferred choice in many industries, where high-quality welds, efficiency, and control are crucial.



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- Compact modern design, advanced IGBT technology
- Four welding modes include MMA, lift TIG, DC, MIG/MAG
- Functions such as accurate preset current/voltage, 2T/4T operation mode, synergic, gas selection, wire diameter selection, electronic inductance adjustment, and on-demand fan are available
- With synergic MIG, welding parameters can be automatically selected based on wire feed speed or material thickness
- Four tool drive unit
- DC MMA suitable for a wide range of electrodes in MMA
- Easy arc starting, low spatter, stable current which offers good weld bead shape
- Excellent weld characteristics
- Auto compensation for mains voltage fluctuation with automatic protective functions including overcurrent, overload, etc.

SKU: JM-250P
Voltage: 230V
Input Power: 9.13Kva
Duty Cycle: MIG/TIG 250A @40% / MMA 220A @40%
Dimensions: 895x554x760
Weight: 49.7Kg

Inverter power source, Titanium 250MIG welding torch, work return lead and clamp, gas hose and regulator, operating instructions, 5 year warranty*