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The GYSPOT ALU PRO FV is dedicated to straightening ALUMINIUM body components.

SKU. 021990

The station welds studs to eliminate dents and impacts (door panels, hoods, etc.) without stripping.


Equipped with a microprocessor, the GYSSPOT ALU PRO FV ALUMINIUM DENT PULLER offers a choice between two modes - adjustable voltage (ranging from 50 V to 200 V) and adjustable power (ranging from 0 to 10). Its capacitor discharge of 66 mF allows for rapid welding in just 3 milliseconds.

The automatic gun does not require a trigger, as welding is activated when the tip is inserted into the gun. It also comes with integrated earth terminals and a manual spring force adjustment feature.

Thanks to its "Flexible Voltage" power supply, this dent puller can be used with a range of supply voltages (between 85 and 265 V), making it compatible with 230V-2A or 110V-5A sockets.

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Spot AlU Aluminium Dent Puller Datasheet

Compact Aluminiu Stud Welder.
Dual supply Voltage
No Trigger-Auto detection

SKU 021990
Supply 110-230V
Output. 13000A

Included : - Automatic gun with 3 earth terminals included. - Aluminium dent removal accessory box. (ALU BOX STANDART M4 050020) - Chuck for Ø 4 mm studs C