A MIG,( metal inert gas), welder is used for the joining of metals using a continuously fed wire to create the arc. This arc process enables faster speeds compared to other types of welding. MIG welders are also easier to use.

All small to medium compact MIG welders are suitable for home use as long as they are 240v. The higher the cost to purchase, invariably means better quality electronics and transformers are utilized. At BWS we have personally used all the MIG welders we recommend and only supply top manufacturers with a good warranty and our support.

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As the title suggests gas MIG welders require a shielding gas to perform the weld and protect the weld pool from atmosphere, whereas gas-less uses a flux that is coated onto the wire that melts when the arc is formed, thus creating a gas shield. Gas MIG welders will always be superior to a gas-less welder especially on thinner materials. The arc is a lot fiercer with Gas-less and problems with wire storage and moisture can also occur. Where gas-less does trump gas MIG welders is in mobility.


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