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START PACK PRO 12.24 XL will deliver a very high starting current, up to 8500A peak.

SKU: 026711

Optimize your vehicle's performance with the GYS STARTPACK PRO 12.24V XL, the ultimate powerhouse for drivers who demand top-notch quality.

Reliable Starts: With a robust starting current of up to 3,200 A in 12V mode, and 1,600 A in 24V mode, this PRO version ensures your vehicle fires up instantly, no matter the conditions. Fitted with 2 x 50Ah Exide Spiral AGM internal batteries that can be used in any position. It is suitable for use on vehicles with AGM, EFB, gel, liquid batteries, etc.

Completely automated, it will only supply power when the vehicle ignition is turned on. No switching on the machine is required.


When using a traditional booster pack, there is little control over how much power is supplied to the battery in the vehicle and for how long, normally only via a basic control switch. Also, the operator has to manually select the correct voltage. When using the STARTPACK PRO 12.24 XL, the machine will automatically supply the exact power required. It will also prevent the operator from jump-starting a vehicle where the battery is faulty or there is a short-circuit at the clamps or voltage selection error. This will protect the electronics in the vehicle, and the user and maximize the lifetime of the internal batteries.

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As electrical engineers with over 30 years experience in sales, repair and maintenance of battery chargers and BSU"s we feel we can offer you the complete support package and give you confidence in your purchase. Our team of experienced engineers  are perfectly able to answer your questions and give you quick and efficient support always.

STARTPACK PRO 12.24 XL is particularly recommended for the following applications: recovery vehicles, truck repair centers, commercial vehicle operators, agricultural maintenance workshops, bus or construction vehicle depots etc.

Manufacturer: GYS
Part No. 026711
Supply: 240V
Output: 12/24V
Start Current: 3000/2600A
Charge Current: 300A

- Starting clamp 1000 A / 2 m 70 mm2
- GYS FLASH 6.12 XL (attaching screws included)