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STARTIUM 980E is a Starter Charger that is able to charge AGM/Gel (Stop/Start) Liquid batteries and to safely start modern vehicles.

CHARGE 12V 20-750 Ah 24V 20-525 Ah

START 12V 380A 24V 270A

PART NO. 026506

CHARGE ALL BATTERY TYPES: Select the charging curve for the battery type - Liquid, Gel, AGM - or if this is not known select the Universal Mode which will ensure a safe change for any of these battery types. Choose from 4 charging outputs, 5A, 15A, 20A and 40A.

CHARGE TO 100% SAFELY: The advanced multi-stage charger will charge to 100% and does not require supervision or the battery to be removed from the vehicle. At the end of the charge the charger enters a float mode to maintain the battery at 100%.

SMART: This device permanently analyses the health of the battery and automatically adjusts the output voltage. The voltage and the percentage of charge are displayed in real time on the digital screen.

PROTECTION FOR THE VEHICLE ELECTRONICS: No need to disconnect the battery from the vehicle. No risk of sparks, there is no voltage to the clamps when they are not connected to a battery.

CHARGING A DEEPLY DISCHARGED BATTERY: The STARTIUM can charge batteries discharged to as low as 1V. This is not possible if the battery is damaged.

TIMER: Function which permits safe charging when charging deeply discharge batteries (< 1V).

SOS RECOVERY: Enables the recovery of sulphated batteries.

AUTOMATIC START: The device will automatically start sending current to the battery when the starter function of the car is being activated. The remote control is not required anymore.

SMART START: The STARTIUM 980E will automatically detect damaged or badly sulphated batteries. In this event it will not deliver current in order to protect the vehicle electronics. 


GYS Startium 330E Specification Sheet

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