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Professional ARC Welder  designed for rugged use

SKU 4,075,210,008

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    The Fronius TRANSPOCKET 150 is an MMA Inverter welder that is perfect for those who want to weld like a PRO. With this welder, you can expect clean and precise welds every time. The machine is easy to use and comes with a user-friendly interface. It also has a wide range of welding settings that allow you to customise your welding experience according to your specific needs.

    The TRANSPOCKET 150 includes operating modes designed specifically for Basic, Rutile and Cellulose. The maximum electrode diameter size is 5/32” / Hot Start and Soft Start function makes it easier to ignite cellulose 6010 and basic 7018


    Enables the use of extremely long power leads with lower losses and improved generator compatibility. This massively expands the operating radius for the welder.


    (TSD), switches off the power supply after a user-specified time window, saving energy. This leads to the most energy-efficient use of the device. 


    The soft-start function ensures a stable arc at the start of welding and was specially developed for electrodes that are welded with a low welding current (basic electrodes)


    If a short circuit occurs that causes the electrode to stick during MMA welding, the power source is switched off immediately. This prevents the electrode from burning out.

    To make the electrode easier to ignite, the current at the power source is increased for a fraction of a second during ignition. The HotStart function was specially developed for welding with rutile and Cel electrodes.  

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    High impact resistance
    Integrated dust filter
    Raised feet prevent water penetration
    Designed for rough environments
    IP23 rated

    Manufacturer Fronius
    Part No. 4,075,210,008
    Welding current / Duty cycle 110A / 60%
    Mains voltage 230V
    Mains fuse 16A
    Dimension / b 130mm
    Dimension / l 365mm
    Weight 6.5 kg

    Fronius Transpocket 150 230V Unit
    MMA Lead
    Earth Clamp