Battery-Powered MMA Set For Site Welding Work 

SKU   4,075,200,860

The Fronius AccuPocket is the world's first electrode welding machine with a Lithium-ion battery

As an industry expert, you will appreciate the convenience of the FRONIUS ACCUPOCKET 150/400 BATTERY ARC WELDER on any construction site. Weighing just 11kg (with battery), this lightweight and portable welder requires no mains connection. With a full battery, you can discard up to 18 2.5mm electrodes, and if you need extended welding time, a 2kVA generator is all you need.

The advanced 'ACCUBOOST' technology from Fronius ensures excellent electrode ignition properties, whilst the modern and functional design includes a durable construction, built-in dust filter, and ergonomic handle.

The included 'ACTIVECHARGER 1000' charger allows for fast charging in just 30 minutes, or normal charging in 45 minutes. This welder also features a high-power, 400Wh Lithium ion battery that guarantees the highest level of safety and efficiency. With the latest generation of Lithium Ion batteries (Li)


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As an approved Fronius Sales and service centre we have the experience to give you the correct advice and support. We also have a dedicated team of mobile engineers able to service and repair your equipment onsite-or at our dedicated workshops. Our engineers repair to component level helping keep any repair costs down to a miniumum and returning your equipment to you quicker

✶ Small, light and easy to carry (11kg including battery)
✶ No connection to the mains is required (18 2.5mm electrodes can be discarded with a full battery)
If you need to weld longer, a 2kVA generator alone is enough
✶ Excellent electrode ignition properties thanks to Fronius ‘ACCUBOOST’ technology
✶ Modern and functional design (durable construction, built-in dust filter, ergonomic handle)
✶ Charger ‘ACTIVECHARGER 1000’
Fast charging (30min)
Normal charging (45min)
Lithium ion battery :

✶ The high-power battery guarantees the highest level of safety
✶ Capacity 400Wh
✶ The latest generation of Lithium Ion batteries (LiFePO4) that are small, light and very efficient
✶ Improved electrode ignition properties, arc stability and dynamics
✶ High-performance batteries provide extremely high short-circuit current so that the electrode does not stick

Manufacturer Fronius
Part No. 4,075,200,860
Welding current / Duty cycle 100A@25% ED (Hybrid)
Mains voltage 100/120/230
Mains fuse 13A (Charger)
Dimension / b 160mm
Dimension / l 435mm
Weight 10.9 kg

Including charger ActiveCharger 1000, GroundCables 16mmÇ 3m, electrode holder 16mmÇ 4m