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A Great Multifunction Welder Ideal for mobile maintenance 200A 110-230V


The CROS- ARC 200 DMF Multi-function is a latest technology 110/230V multi function inverter based power source, incorporating a high resolution full function microprocessor control panel. This allows complete control of all welding parameters in all welding processes, MIG, TIG (Lift) and MMA.It is tted as standard with a VRD safety device, making it suitable for operation in any environment.

The CROS- ARC 200 DMF Multi-function machine is Ideal for welding a wide range of metals including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium and Copper. This machine offers flexibility and precision, allowing for welding with all types of materials within a broad range of thicknesses. With its VRD safety device, the CROS-ARC 200 DMF Multi-function can be used with confidence in any environment.

Supply 110/230V
Fuses A T16
Regulation Field 10-200A
Mig,MMA Duty Cycle @25% [230v] 200A
Tig Duty Cycle @60% [230v] 125A
MMA Electrode Size 1.6-4.0mm
Protection Class
Tig Ignition
Weight 14kG
Generator Friendly Yes

3 Metre 250 MIG Torch
4 Metre DGT26-12 TIG Torch
3 Metre MMA Leads
Metre Gas Hose