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Sirocco Gas Reg 300 Bar 0-10B Ss 2G Oxygen

SKU E700122

The Oxygen two gauge regulator has been designed for ease of use and reliability. This single-stage regulator is anatomically constructed for maximum durability and function. It features two separate gauges that accurately measure output pressure and tank pressure, allowing for optimal gas use with reliable delivery rate. Crafted from high-quality materials, this durable gas regulation equipment can last you years while easily delivering your desired gas flow rate every time!


    • Reliable and Consistent Delivery of gas.
    • Accurate gauges ensure optimal gas consumption
    • Extended service with its robust construction
    • Top outlet cylinder valve design for easy installation

    - Flow rate up to 96m3/h (3389 ft3/h)
    - Full 300 Bar Capability
    - Bottom entry design suited for top outlet cylinder valves
    - Improved Valve design to reduce gas pressure pulses

    Flow Rate 96m³/h
    Capacity 300 Bar
    Outlet Pressure 1.5 Bar