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Portable Water Cooled Induction heater



The AES hi3.5 is a compact and portable induction heater designed for workshops. It features water cooling and adjustable heat settings, making it particularly useful for vehicle repairs, bearing replacements, and other similar applications. With its powerful performance, lightweight design, and convenient interchangeable tips, the AES hi3.5 is well-suited for a variety of industries, including general repairs, production, and maintenance.

Its safety, efficiency, and environmentally-friendly operation make it a superior alternative to traditional flame heating methods. In addition, operators benefit from increased security, better working conditions, and reduced training and wage costs. With no gas expenses, low power consumption, and minimal need for consumables, the AES hi3.5 is a cost-effective and energy-efficient heating solution.

Smooth power adjustment 10-100%
Timer and factory settings features
USB for software upgrades
Constant heating power (CP) mode
Easy use – cable length 2m
DHS3 Dawell Heating Control System 3
BIPT Boost Induction Power Technology
DIPA Dynamic Induction Power Adjust
QST Quiet Cooling Technology
ACMS Automatic Check And Monitor System
DFU Device Firmware Update

Protective system IP22
Mains supply 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Working frequency 18-60 kHz
Output power – induction power 3.5 kW
Cooling system Water
Coolant capacity 2.5l
Cable Length 2m
Weight 13.5 kg
Size (L×W×H) 240 x 200 x 440
Part No. AESHI35

*Package includes heat inductor, trolley and copper extension
Note, our new induction units come in matte black and with a black trolley. Trolley comes flat-packed.
Model No. AES HI 3.5 MPN: DHI-44E / DHI-44E LKW