Tecna 4643N A Versatile 25 Kva Foot-Operated Rocker Arm Spot Welder

SKU 4643N

Designed to meet a variety spot welding needs. TECNA rocker arm spot welders are most commonly used as stationary spot welders for low production applications. 

Adjustable arm lengths, allowing for better work flexibility.

Adjustable electrode force; a microswitch starts the welding cycle when the desired pre-set value is reached. The foot pedal is adjustable in length.

Installation By Professional engineers

This product is professionally installed on your premises (UK Only) by one of our technical team


- TE101 weld controls, mounted on the front of the machine, allows operator to view data while welding.
- Water-cooled transformer, arms and electrodes. Epoxy resin coated transformer for maximum protection.
- Adjustable electrode stroke enables access to a greater range of parts.
- Chromium-copper electrode holders are designed for long life and heavy-duty service. May be mounted at 12° and 90° positions in the arm.
- Adjustable throat depth enables maximum flexibility.
- Ergonomic frame for long term operation in production environments.
- Single foot pedal

Power@50% : 20Kva
Max. Power: 68Kva
Max. Short CCT Current: 18000
Arm Length: 1016mm
Electrode Force: 240 Dan
Fuse: 50A
Supply: 220/400V