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The Fronius 320i is the ultimate Pulsed MIG welder for production. It features all of Fronius's latest technology in a neat compact package. Its clear easy-to-read display enables easy setup of parameters from its preset menus.

This product is professionally installed on your premises (UK Only) by one of our technical Engineers

Fronius are a world leader in aluminium welding technology and the Fronius 320I carries on this mantel. If you want the best welder in the world, we can't recommend this set more highly.

EVERY PROCESS Every welding process - from MIG/MAG (steel, CrNi, aluminium application) and MIG brazing to TIG DC and MMA - can be carried out using a single unit thanks to the multiprocess capability. 

SYNCHROPULSE Fronius SynchroPulse function gives the appearance of TIG welding but the ease of use of MIG. This enables you to run 40% Faster Welds with no spatter, reducing clean-up times as well

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Elevate Your Welding Game with FRONIUS 320I C 

The FRONIUS 320I C is engineered with Fronius well known meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every weld is a masterpiece. Equipped with the most advanced pulsing technology, this inverter provides unrivalled control over the welding process. 

Modulating the heat input minimises distortion and maximises penetration, resulting in welds of superior quality. From delicate sheet metal to robust structures, the FRONIUS 320I C empowers you to achieve perfection on any material.
Seamless Integration and User-Friendly Interface

Simplicity meets sophistication with the FRONIUS 320I C. Its clear synergic digital display is one of the best designs we feel in the welding industry. It's clear and guides you through setups quickly and easily, meaning you get the right parameters for your job quickly and easily. 

The user-friendly interface puts you in command, allowing you to effortlessly adjust welding parameters to match your specific needs.


At BWS, we have a team of welding experts who are fully prepared to assist you throughout your journey. As an Approved Fronius Plus Partner  we can offer technical advice and support on all Fronius products. Whether you have inquiries about specific products, require guidance in choosing the right equipment, or seek welding-related advice, our knowledgeable staff is here to support you.  We have installed many Fronius 320I C pulsed inverters in manufacture-approved bodyshops such as Audi, Jaguar Landrover and more! 

Additionally, our experienced engineers are available to provide comprehensive technical support beyond what the manufacturers offer. It's worth mentioning that we take pride in servicing and repairing everything we sell in-house, providing you with added peace of mind in your purchase now and in the future.

Simple To Use Synergic control.
Digital Screen
Easy parameters setup.
Current control torch options.
Compact and easily manouvered

Maximum welding current : 320 A
Minimum welding current: 3 A
Duty cycle (10min/40°C) : 320A / 40%
Duty cycle (10min/40°C) : 260A / 60%
Duty cycle (10min/40°C) : 220A / 100%
Welding voltage: 14.2 - 30.0 V
Interrupted arc intervoltage: 71.0 V
Supply frequency: 50-60 Hz
Supply voltage: 3 x 400 V
Network fuse : 35 A
Size: 706 x 300 x 510 mm
Weight: 35.8 kg
Protection class : IP23

MTG 350I 3m Mig Torch with Starter Consumable Set, 4m Earth Cable, 2.5m Detachable power lead, 0.8, 0.9 - 1.0mm Drive Rolls and 1.5m Gas Hose  and TU Car4 Pro