The Right Torch For The Right Job, Everytime!

Whether you prefer a larger or smaller handle, or want to have control over your power source from the torch, or looking to enhance component accessibility through a variety of gas nozzles and torch bodies, Fronius MIG welding torches provide ultimate flexibility that caters to all your needs.

The Fronius Multilock MIG torches, with their new modular design, offer superior ergonomics and versatility.

The innovative “Multilock” system allows for interchangeable torch heads and hose packs, simply by twisting the torch head they can be easily removed and replaced with another, enhancing accessibility and providing several advantages like improved gas flow, comfortable grips for extended welding sessions, and better access to welding areas.

Additionally, these torches are highly customisable, featuring various trigger options, lengths, and wearing parts. The MTB Torch Bodies, uniquely designed with Fronius exclusive wear parts, further enhance gas flow and access, alongside the availability of standard torch bodies.


With Multilock you can choose different handle and control setups. Choose from Up/Down, Potentiometerand Jobmaster

Fronius Multilock Hosepack With Led In The Handle

Integrated LED

Multilock Hose packs can also be specified with an integral LED in the torch handle for optimal vision prior to arcing up.