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UPDATED 13-2-2023

Its been two years since the XR930H  welding helmet was launched and here we look back at how its faired in real life with daily use.

Welders are always on the hunt for top-of-the-line gear to help them do their job safely and efficiently.

The PARWELD XR937H True Colour welding helmet is one of our most popular welding helmets we sell,  and it’s easy to see why. This versatile helmet provides welders with an unprecedented level of protection and comfort, plus a few extra features that make it stand out from the competition. Let’s take a look at what makes this welding helmet so special. 

Parweld XR937H Helmet

Optical Clarity & Comfort
The PARWELD XR937H was designed with optical clarity in mind. It features a high-quality auto-darkening filter that provides welders with enhanced vision in all light conditions—from bright sunlight to low indoor lighting—and blocks out harmful UV/IR radiation. it has a large view front screen at 4" meaning the best view for your job. It also makes it easier when in grinding mode. Some of the other helmets with the normal 2.5" view areas feel a little claustrophobic and it feel s when in grind mode that your looking through a letterbox. It just doesnt feel safe.

It also has an adjustable headband designed for comfort with premium foam padding, providing secure protection without sacrificing comfort during long shifts.

Welding with the Parweld XR937H

Advanced Features & Accessories
This welding helmet is packed with advanced features and accessories that make it even more useful than traditional helmets. For starters, it comes equipped with four sensors (two front and two side) to provide maximum coverage while you’re working. It also has a true color feature that allows the user to view their workpiece in natural colors instead of shades of grey or green—a game changer for any welder looking for improved accuracy on their projects. Finally, it comes with a range of accessories such as extra grinding shields, face masks, and safety glasses for added convenience and protection on the job site.

Parweld XR937H True Colour Welding Helmet

Performance & Durability
When it comes to performance and durability, the PARWELD XR937H welding helmet is second to none. This lightweight device offers superior heat resistance thanks to its fire retardant material construction, ensuring it can withstand even the hottest working environments without compromising performance or safety standards. Additionally, its robust design makes it resistant to shock or impact damage—another great benefit for welders who need reliable equipment when tackling tough jobsites or projects in challenging locations.

Real World Test 

The Latest True Colour Helmet was tested out by the guys a  J3weldfab, GM Structures  @gavlar1909 . @stape_weld.  Olsen_metal_art .and Dave @TMdesigns for one of there get-togethers.  These guys do some serious welding so we let them test the new Parweld XR937H Welding Helmet with true colour and give an honest review on how it performed against there normal hoods for quality and price.

@TMdesigns monthly welders get together

 The lads were TIG and MIG welding with the helmet and trying out its features.

This monthly get together enables them to swap ideas and tips in their niche of artistic metalworks.

Olsen Metal ART


Dave GM Structures

So here goes I’d like to start with how impressed I was with the overall package of the helmet!  It’s lightweight comfortable with endless head gear adjustability enabling a huge range of head sizes weld caps etc, the hood looks really stylish in the purple colour I really liked it, I was hugely impressed with the clarity and size of the viewing window which performed superbly thought all its shade range and sensitivity and delay settings it was especially impressive when tig welding from 20a all way through to 200a, coming from a business where I buy all my own products I can certainly say I’d definitely purchase this hood for myself now I’ve tried it out especially for the price its huge value for money.

Overall I give the hood a 9/10 on how it performed and was really impressed.


Welding with the Parweld XR937H

Dave @tmdesigns39

So myself and a few of the lads from our welding group was given the chance to put the PARWELD XR937H TRUE COLOR WELDING HELMET to the test. Each of us used the helmet and we all loved the extra-large viewing window and found it to be super clear and very responsive when arcing up.  The helmet has excellent face coverage and was very comfortable to use all day without the feeling of having to keep taking it off and on. This will definitely be my new go-to helmet as it's just so much better to actually see what you are doing!  Awesome bit of kit,  I can't recommend it highly enough for the money.


Welding the Parweld XR937H



Conclusion: All things considered, there’s no doubt that the PARWELD XR937H True Colour Welding Helmet is one of the best products on the market today for welders who are looking for top-notch protection and performance out of their gear at the right Price!  With its impressive array of features, accessories, and durable construction, this welding helmet checks all of the boxes for welders who want safe yet comfortable working conditions day after day on any job site they encounter. If you’re in search of reliable welding equipment that won’t let you down no matter how demanding your project may be, then this product is definitely worth considering!


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