February 03, 2023 2 min read

The GYSPRESS 8T was the hugely popular SPR riveter from GYS, designed with a pneumatic closed hydraulic system. It has now been Obsoleted and replaced with the NEW GYSPRESS 10T (ref 063303). This is because vehicle manufacturers have specified increased squeeze pressures and require their equipment to be 10 tonnes.

There is also the option of a NEW GYSPRESS Premium push-pull version (070660) that has the function to not only insert rivets but to remove them as well.

GYSPRESS 10T Push Pull Riveter


Its slim design means it's easy to handle with a simple lever press to squeeze and release. It also utilises a 360-degree rotating head to enable you to get into those hard to reach places. 

The optional extras list is long with a long list of anvils and manufacturers rivet kits. Rivet dies are available for BMWJaguarLand Rover, the VW GroupMercedes Benz, and Ford (aluminum).

Gyspress 10T Blind rivet adapter


Another great feature is the "POP" or "Blind" rivet adapter that connects straight to the head unit. It's flexible again, enabling you to get into lots of places. 

The blind rivet adapter is compatible with both the GYSPRESS riveters. Its tensile force is 24 kN. It allows the setting of blind rivets with diameters from 4.0 to 7.8 mm for aluminium and 4.0 to 6.4 mm for steel.

GYSPRESS 10 Rivet tool AOM 133


I use the GYSPRESS 10T as my riveting tool when training and testing personnel for the BS10125 AOM 133 Sill section test. This test is a must-have for BS10125 approval, and we carry this out at the technician's site. (more information here).  



Everything comes in a lovely slim case with cut-outs, which means I can find things pretty quickly and more importantly, it makes it easier to not forget or leave behind something when I've finished.

Technicians gain confidence using it quickly, even though they may never have used an SPR tool before. 


When you start to compare prices and eggs for eggs, the GYSPRESS is a pretty good package! It performs just as well if not better than units two to three times its price. It's reliable and straightforward, with our engineers only having to repair a couple in the last three years of sales.



Included in the case:

  • 10T rivet tool
  • HR110 Riveting Arm
  • Extension Adapter
  • Standard 10 Anvil box
  • Box of assorted SPR rivets 


GYSPRESS 10T Rivet Tool



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