February 27, 2023 2 min read


As part of BMWs continued improvement of their approved body repair centres, shops are advised to update their 3D Measuring systems to meet new and future requirements.

Two systems have been approved 

  • Car Bench Contact Evolution 
  • Car-O-Tronic Vision X3 & X2

Car Bench Contact Evolution  3d measuring


Contact Evolution measuring system - unique in its kind - represents an electronic system projected into future engineering. Born from the basic principles of a calibration machine, it carries a huge developing potential and future applications.

We recently added a feature to allow measurements of external panels of the vehicle (wheels on the floor!) with mechanics mounted. Thanks to its sophisticated and advanced software and hardware it can guarantee maximum precision of measurements (+/- 0,5 mm on a length spread of 5.4 meters).

  • Lightweight arm: 2.7m for a total radius of 5.4m Aluminium & Carbon fibre construction
  • 5 Axes movement
  • Bluetooth communication Guided and Talking system in 14 languages
  • The battery on board, cable-free
  • Mobile telescopic tripod adjustable in height Diagnosis save, print-out or e-mail
  •  It can be used with any bench or two-post li
  • No Adapters and Extensions needed
  • It can be used on the bench in combination with jigs
  • Each arculaon has 40.000 posions

Car Bench Contact Evolution

Car Bench Contact Evolution's latest Measuring software lets the operator quickly measure a vehicle to properly diagnose and identify damages without pulling it or putting it on a Jig Bench. This process ensures a Correct First Inspecon reducing additional estimates. The process will take a maximum of 7 minutes.

Today's global insurance market only allows a little me for bodyshops to carry out a correct estimate due to the long preparation I needed. Vehicles need to be brought to a li in a busy environment, lied up, stripped from protections and plastic covers, measured, have all protections and covers put back on and lowered down again (without meaning removing the doors to get side measurements of the vehicle which would take approximately 2 hours per side alone).


In addition, Correct First Inspection on aluminium strut towers must be measured while the car is standing on the floor with suspensions under tension to detect structural cracks and not hanging from a li. Only Contact Evolution is able to carry out this task without extensions, adapters and unnecessary tolerances which they could introduce.

Finally, given its compact size, Contact Evolution can be brought to the vehicle no matter where it is, even in the middle of a street, for instant measuring.

All the above features of Contact Evolution software have been developed by working confidentially and closely with several prestigious OEMs that are already going in this direction for the future. Lifting vehicles for an estimate will not be a needed requirement anymore soon.



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