December 19, 2022 2 min read

It’s no secret that plastic welding is one of the most important and useful forms of welding today in a bodyshop. And, it can also be the most profitable. With the introduction of the Power-Tec Nitrogen Plastic Welder, it looks like the future of plastic welding will be even brighter.

Powert tec plastic welder insertion

This amazing machine combines the latest in technology to provide professionals with a powerful yet easy to use welding tool that can handle almost any type of plastic weld job. Let’s take a closer look at this revolutionary product and see how it can revolutionise your plastic weld jobs.

power tec plastic welder rear view of a  repair


Plastic welding tools traditionally consisted of plastic welding rods and either a soldering iron or hot air gun. Since those day the modern vehicle has moved on with the introduction of new plastics, such as  PP (Polypropylene), ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), PE (Polyethylene), and PS (Polystyrene) plastics and components.  These plastics especially when used in bumpers etc can form part of the safety cell in the event of an accident and its therefore critical that they are repaired correctly.

Hot staple repairs are sometimes frowned on by manufacturers because of the worry that the metal in the bumpers from the repair may interfere with the vehicle distance sensors. It is precisely because of this problem that hot air plastic welding took off again.

Also, the cost of replacement bumpers and more recently parts availability have meant that repairing your parts is more cost effective and speedy than replacement.


 Nitrogen plastic welder repair


Nitrogen gas is used when plastic welding because it acts as a shielding gas, protecting the weld area from contaminants in the air. When welding with a heated tool, oxidation can occur – but using nitrogen gas helps to prevent this and keeps the weld area clean.

Nitrogen also has thermodynamic properties that make it useful when welding plastics like ABS and polypropylene; its high heat capacity allows for faster cooling of the welded material without causing warping or cracking due to thermal shock. Furthermore, nitrogen’s low boiling point means that it breaks down more easily than other gases at elevated temperatures. This makes it more suited for controlling plastic-welding temperatures over time, allowing for smoother joints with better heat transfer between materials being joined together.

The use of nitrogen gas has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its benefits in providing cleaner and stronger bonds with fewer defects during plastic welding operations– ultimately leading to increased efficiency and cost savings for many businesses in various industries today.

Power Tec Nitrogen Plastic Welder


The POWER-TEC Nitrogen plastic welder is the perfect tool for creating plastic welds that are strong, durable and aesthetically pleasing. With its simple design, adjustable settings and user friendly features, this plastic welding tool makes plastic welding a breeze. Whether you're a professional bodyshop requiring a plastic welder or just getting started in plastic welding, the POWER-TEC NITROGEN PLASTIC WELDERis the perfect tool for your plastic welding needs.

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