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The "NEW" GYSPOT GENIUS EDITION INVERTER BP.LG - 400 V comes with some great new features and the latest design "C Gun" from GYS-IMS. Here we review some of its specifications and features for use in modern vehicle body repair shops.


Designed for the assembly of modern steel sheets with high elasticity. The GYSPOT INVERTER BP.LG is the ideal Spot Welder to meet Car Manufacturer's requirements.


The GYSPOT INVERTER BP.LRef. 023451 - 400 V - 3 Phase has some very good specifications which include:

  • Welding current: 13 000 A
  • Clamping force: 550 daN at 8 bar.
  • Smart control
  • X and C type Welding Guns
  • Single-sided / dent pulling gun
  • Automatic adjustment of welding pressure.
  • Retractable C arm electrode 

The Genius is what we call a cable inverter spot welder, which means it has water-cooled welding cables coming from the transformer inside the machine. Some may say this is old technology compared to the transformer in the gun models but the Genius and other cable guns offer benefits in weight and operator use that is better than a transformer gun.

The problem with a cable gun is that it draws more electricity from the mains supply compared to a transformer gun. The Genius runs off a good 50 Amp supply while the GYS PT1, for instance, runs off 30 amps. 

So to ensure you get the correct output from a Genesis Gyspot Spot welder you need to check that your mains supply is good enough on installation.

EMF Compliant

Another reason transformer guns have been pushed more than cable welders is because of the new EMF legislation on magnetic fields. It was felt the magnetic field was smaller for the transformer units as its only present at the welding electrodes. The cable guns generated EMF throughout the whole of the cables and the electrodes. This has largely been negated now by the installation of special covers on the welding cables so reducing the EMF present near the Welder / Technician. This BODYPROTECT Technology protects the user from magnetic

fields and conforms to standard 2013/35/UE.

Genius Gyspot BP LX Control panel



The control is I feel one of the easiest and best laid out control panels of any spot welder. It's simple to use and very quick to move between its 7 modes of operation.








It also has a very user-friendly navigation screen with a large  5.7’’ LCD.

Its a shame its, not touch screen but as I say the navigation buttons make it easy to navigate.

It has a Recording Feature which saves the characteristics of each spotweld performed to the SD card provided. This can then be easily transferred to a PC


Easy transfer of saved reports to PC.


Auto Mode

The Auto Mode enables the machine to auto recognise the thickness and the type of steel to be welded, it also recognises the presence of panel bond and insulating material between HLE/THLE/ UHLE/Bore sheet-metal. Many people call this "point and press".

For the times when this struggles to identify the material, it's really easy to quickly move ith setting into normal mode and select a thickness setting parameter.

** Remember though this thickness setting isn't a thickness setting its just a setting. Always do a destructive test and always match the nugget diameter obtained with the diameter on the vehicle. **. See this post for more information  Are Smart Spot Welders Really Smart?         


GYS Gyspot BP LG welding gun features


 The Welding  C Gun

For me, this is what makes this welder special. The C Gun has some pretty neat features that make it stand out from competitors machines all the while being the lightest gun on the market at 6Kg.

It has a comprehensive set of available welding arms with a really great feature that saves on costs and enables easy repair.

All C type guns have been designed the same way and in some ways copy the manufacturer's robots on the production line. But they have one design flaw, they all arc out where the welding arm slots into the gun. This can be due to incorrect cleaning or loose arm set up but they all have this fault. This arcing not only destroys the gun arm mounting but creates pits and marks on the welding arms themselves.

This fault can ultimately cause the guns to overheat or in some case poor welding and it can be expensive to repair. ( some 500mm arms can cost £2000).

The Genius GYSPOT INVERTER BP.LG arms have brass connectors place on the bottom of the arm that is held in place by Allen screws. This then mates better with the gun and provides a better electrical contact. If however you do get arcing and need to fix this, it just requires changing of the small brass block and not the whole arm. A great design.

The gun is 380 degrees rotatable with a lockable gyroscope. The aluminium locking handle is light, easy to use and feels great.

It has three buttons on the gun handle, 

  • Welding operation start.
  • Welding parameters adjustment - enables adjustment of the weld setting without returning to the front panel.
  • Center electrode retraction. I only know of a couple of welding machines that offer this facility. It opens the gap between gun and electrode so that you can get over vehicle back panels more easily. A great time saver.

Nine sets of welding arms 

A very comprehensive set of arms enabling you to get into places other spot welders cannot.

Genius GYSPOT INVERTER BP.LG  welding arms set


I have repaired and used a lot of spot welding machines before and I really think that GYS have hit the nail on the head with this one. 

It's easy to use has a light welding gun with a large set of welding arms( far more than other manufacturers)  and is intuitive in its control in practice.

It produces high-quality spot welds with a good duty cycle (Check out  my post on What does duty cycle mean? ).

Its only drawback is that it needs good mains electrical supply to perform at its best but if you have that then I feel the Genius Gyspot Inverter BP-LG is one of the best spot welders out there


 Buy the Gyspot Bp.LG Genius spot welder




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