The right Torch For The right Job, Everytime!

The “NEW” Fronius Multilock TIG Torches supersede the older TTG 1600 -TTG 2600 models to offer the welder increased ergonomics with the option to adjust to your own personal preferences and job application. Spares for the older range are still available, please select your torch model above for spares for each model.

All new machines will now be sold with the “NEW” Fronius Multilock Range torch hosepacks and torch bodies, giving the welder more options than ever before! 

The “NEW” modular design utilising the  “Multilock” system,  means different torch heads can be applied to different hose packs giving you several benefits.  These include better access, comfortable grips for longer welding and better gas flow.

Fronius TIG Torches can also be modified extensively with different trigger options, lengths and wearing parts. TTB Torch Bodies are designed with Fronius exclusive wear parts for increased gas flow and accessibility. Standard Torch bodies are also available. 

At BWS, we carry genuine Fronius TIG torches, consumables, and replacement parts at competitive prices. Our team of welding engineers, with extensive expertise in all things TIG, is committed to providing you with the best value and support when shopping with us. Fronius TIG torches are expertly designed to enhance your Fronius TIG welder, ensuring durability and comfort during long welding sessions. Obtaining accurate advice and technical support is crucial when making a purchase, which is why we offer a "message us" chat option where you can speak to one of our knowledgeable experts.