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Just Launched is the Telwin 2800 Battery Operated Dent Puller. In today's fast-moving, time is money bodyshops; it could be a game-changer.



I have seen these types of units before.and I thought they were quite good, but being powered by 230V with the need to be plugged in made them no different from standard dent pullers such as the Telwin Digital 5500.

Another fault that came to light after use is the constant twisting of the unit caused the mains cables to break all the time at the rear or the unit.

 Telwin Battery Dent Puller

Enter the Telwin Battery Dent Puller;  it's a powerful 2800 amp Li-on battery dent puller, that's easy to use.

It's robust, and weighs 2.5 kg, having an integral 2.3 kg slide hammer incorporated into the case.

It feels comfortable in hand with good balance,  enabling you to work quickly and precisely. The case appears robust and looks like it will survive accidental drops well.

I particularly liked the way the rechargeable Lithium battery is integrated into the case. Unlike other tools such as drills, the battery is placed forward of your hands; this gives the unit good balance and enables you to weld precisely. 

 Telwin Battery Dent puller digital control


The top of the unit is has a clear digital control with a large circular start button flanked by a weld power display and battery life indicator.

To turn it on, you press the start button for a few seconds and then all the display flashes and runs through a start procedure. 

The battery life indicator on the right gives you easy identification of how much juice you have left. I noticed that even on its last bar, it was still giving me good welds and pulls, enabling me to work to the last.

Power-wise I started on the bottom setting, fully expecting to turn it up, but I didn't. At the front is the more extended welding electrode that's spring-loaded. You place this electrode on the panel and push forward until the small earth shoe also touches the panel.

You then press the trigger. 

I didn't even notice a spark, yet the electrode point gripped well, enabling me to pull back the gun with its integral slide hammer to pull out the dent. When finished, simply twist to release it.

This action allows you to work quickly in a small areas, bringing the panel into the shape you desire.

Battery operated dent puller Options


Adapters are available, enabling you to use the puller with hook washers. An adapter for wiggle wires is also in the pipeline.


I think the Telwin Battery Dent Puller, free of cables, is a handy, powerful, and indispensable tool for those who want to increase speed with a significant saving in time and costs. 

The dent puller being small is easily stored in a panel technicians toolbox, meaning it's always to hand.


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Mitch Cameron
Mitch Cameron

March 28, 2023

Hi is this item available to be shipped to Australia?

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