August 27, 2021 2 min read

The latest Telwin 14000 Inverspotter has been launched with a new single knob synergic control for ease of use. The new control features scroll for smart , easy and manual settings.

As part of our instructional series we have produced a new video on how to use this new front screen for technicians.


The Telwin 14000 has been designed as a "smart" welder much like most of the new types of inverter welding machines on the market today.

Its extremely powerful being able to produce 14000 amps at the electrode tips from a 400v 32Amp supply.

The whole unit is reasonably compact and will fit in-between vehicles as in most workshops.

The spot welding gun although not the lightest on the market its not the heaviest either. The plastic trims offer good protection to the sides and th castings for the arms and holder are of good quality too.

One of the main things I do like about the Telwin Inverspotter Smart Aqua is the cost of spare parts, they are extremely cost effective when compared to competitors.


Its approved by Mercedes Benz, Ford Iveco and GM


The innovative SMART AUTOSET technology, enables single button operation thanks to the automatic recognition of the materials and thickness. This eliminates set-up times and guarantees optimal spot welding even if the types of steel to be processed are not known.

To enable this a calibration weld has to be performed at start up.



Wave is the new interactive programme from Telwin that tracks all of the parameters used for weld reporting. Its common across the range including the new inverter MIG welders.


- pre- and post-heating for interventions on HSS and galvanized metals
- automatic recognition of the arm and inserted tool
- monitoring of mains voltage
- automatic cooling control of machine, clamp and cables
- regulation of approach, slope, welding and holding times
- regulation in pulsed welding
- automatic/manual regulation of pressure between electrodes.
Complete with water-cooled pneumatic gun.


One of the best reasons to but the Telwin Inverterspotter is because it offers so much value. It priced right and can cost up to £4000 less than a comparable machine from competitors, that's a big difference. Its weld quality is excellent and spares prices are reasonable. Admittedly there isn't as many welding arms as some supply but generally its an option worth considering, especially if your looking at Mercedes Benz approval. 


Telwin Inverspotter 14000 Smart Aqua


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