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Teng Tools 113 Piece-Fully portable tool kit supplied in a hard-wearing flight case.

SKU:  SC04

This portable tool kit features a sturdy carrying case with suspension wheels, a retractable handle, and a combination lock. Three EVA trays with pre-cut EVA foam, arranged in three different colors, allow for a full view of the tools. The kit includes sockets, spanners, screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, cutting tools, and other general-purpose hand tools.

    Supplied in the unique TengTools TC-SC service case with the tools supplied in 6 TengTools TT1 trays and a TT3 tray
    - 1/3: TT1236, 12 piece combination spanner set
    - 1/3: TT917N, 7 piece Mega Drive screwdriver set
    - 1/3: TT440-T, 4 piece Mega Bite plier set
    - 2/3: SCPS01, 6 piece service tool set with ball pein hammer
    - 3/3: TT1435, 35 pieces 1/4" drive regular/deep metric socket set
    - 3/3: TT3819, 19 pieces 3/8" drive regular metric socket set
    - 3/3: TT1218, 17 pieces 1/2" drive regular metric socket set

    D (mm): 400
    H1 (mm): 240
    L1 (mm): 500
    Weight (kg): 11.840