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Brand: Tecna

16-38KVA SPOT WELDING GUNS With TE470 Control

Experts on Tecna Spot Welders with 30+ years of experience introduce the TECNA X Type 3 series range with standard 190mm electrodes and TE470 in-built controls. These handheld air-operated, water-cooled spot welding guns are perfect for production work and come with optional arm lengths.

Includes:  Upper Arm Straight 4850-Length 190mm.  Please call if other lengths are required.

They are designed to be suspended from gantries or a boom for maximum flexibility and manoeuvrability when supported by a balancer. The gyro enables effortless tilting of the gun to reach any angle. With a 16kVA spot welding output at 50% duty cycle and a maximum output power of 37kVA, these spot guns have exceptional welding capacity (with the shortest arms). Additionally, they are equipped with water-cooled arm mounts, electrode holders, transformers, and SCR contactors for optimal performance.

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TECNA Foot-Operated 16 – 25 kVA Rocker Arm Spot Welders  download



Tecna TE470 Control Unit


The TE470 is a welding control unit specifically designed for suspended resistance welding guns. It expertly controls the welder parts, especially the thyristors that regulate the welding current. This control unit has unique features for suspended welding guns, including double stroke control and safety device management on the handle.

While the handle is not a standard component, it can be customized for different working performances. With a capacity to store up to 63 welding programs and the ability to directly recall 2 programs using an external selector, the TE470 provides versatility and efficiency. Each program has 19 adjustable parameters that describe the working cycle, including options for pre-weld current, post-weld current, slope, and pulses. The TECNA TE470 also operates in constant current mode, displaying and regulating the current according to the set limit.


Tecna Suspended Spot Welder Arms and Electrodes

Tecna spot welding guns come in varying lengths and configurations from 190mm to 650mm.


Our engineers have vast experience in spot welder repairs and installations. If you have a specific task or a production problem then contact our engineers and we will be only to happy to help.

Order Code - 3321
Gun type L
Nominal power @ 50% KVA 16
Supply 400V
Max mild steel thickness with short arms 3+3mm
Spots per minute 66
Gross weight 46kg

Order Code 3322
Gun type L
Nominal power @ 50% KVA 23
Supply 400V
Max mild steel thickness with short arms 4+4mm
Spots per minute 66
Gross weight 52Kg

Order Code 3327
Gun type L
Nominal power @ 50% KVA 38
Supply 400V
Max mild steel thickness with short arms 5+5mm
Spots per minute 66
Gross weight 76Kg

Standard Unit Includes:

Suspended spot gun with built-in control unit (TE470)
Earth leakage and circuit breaker switch
Air filter-regulator unit with gauge
Supply cables and hoses 6.5m length
Voltage and frequency to be always specified