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high flexibility hybrid polymer air hose extension with prevoS1 couplers

Prevost Flexair light and flexible air hose extensions for professional use. They provide versatility and mobility to match your specific needs, with up to five times more flexibility than rubber hoses. Durable and lightweight, the Prevost Flexair hose will go anywhere you need it to, and can be used in a wide variety of work conditions.

Ultimate  Workshop Safety with the Prevost FlexAir Air Hose

If your wanting the best air hose for your workshop choose Prevost FlexAir Air Hose, meticulously designed for those who demand the best. Crafted from premium materials, this pneumatic wonder is engineered to revolutionise your workspace.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced safety: Fitted with the PREVOS1 BSI06 safety quick-release couplers, ensuring secure and reliable connections.
- Built to last: Constructed from high-quality materials, guaranteeing durability and consistent performance.

Choose the Prevost FlexAir Air Hose to upgrade your workshop safety. 

 Reference ID/OD Length Profile Coupler  Adapter
RAL RBSB0810 8x12.5 13m British BSI 06 BRP 06
RAL RBSB0820 8x12.5 14m British BSI 06 BRP 06
RAL RBSB0101 10x15,5 10m British BSI 06 BRP 06
RAL RBSB1020 8x15.5 16m British BSI-06 BRP 06
RAL RESB0810 8x12.5 10m EU7.4 ESO 07 ERP 07