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Brand: Parweld


Parweld has introduced aNew high-quality range of foot controls. The foot controls feature a rubber base to keep it planted to the floor and a wide anti-slip top surface. The low profile construction gives a more natural feel and improves operator balance when working in a standing position.

Foot controls are available in a range of standard resistances and can be supplied with or without control plugs to suit a wide range of machines. cable length is 25ft (7.6m).

Pro series Foot controls come with a 12-month return to base warranty for defects in materials and workmanship.

  • SKU FC10 - Pro Foot control, latching switch, 10K potentiometer no plug
  • SKU FC1 - Pro Foot control, latching switch, 1K potentiometer no plug
  • SKU FC5 - Pro Foot control, latching switch, 5K potentiometer no plug
  • SKU FC1-4 - Pro Foot control, Miller® 14 pin plug
  • SKU FC1-2 - Pro Foot control, Miller® 5 pin plug
  • SKU FC10-19 - Pro Foot control, Parweld XTT182 5 pin plug
  • SKU FC10-18 - Pro Foot control, Parweld XTT202, 353, 503 14 pin
  • SKU FC10-6 - Pro Foot control, Thermal Arc 8 pin plug
  • SKU FC5-4 - Foot Control 5K POT + ERCP4
  • SKU FC10-27 -   Foot Control 10K POT + ERCP4