SPOT 14500 TRAFO (4M)

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The Latest Inverter GYS Spotwelder For A Modern Body Shop!

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The SPOT 14500 TRAFO is the ideal answer to the welding requirements of high-strength steels (UHSS/boron), with a clamping force of 550daN with 8bars air pressure, and a welding current that can reach 14,500Amps.
Its C clamp integrates a high-tech transformer and the machine also brings a solution to limited power supply issues, as it can operate with 16 Amps to 25 Amps fuses only.

Its operation is extremely easy thanks to the automatic welding parameters set in EASY mode.

The transformer gun is one of the lightest on the market with an excellent range of arms and electrodes for every job.

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Trafo G Inverter Spot Welder PDF

      Liquid-cooled medium frequency transformer integrated into the clamp · Lower electricity consumption (40% less than standard welding cable type machine)
      Operating with only 16 Amps delayed fuses power supply
      High duty factor
      Ideal C clamp for all types of metal works
      Lightweight clamp and easy to handle: Weight 12 kg
      Available with a clamp cable of 4m or 6m
      Support cable bracket with telescopic arm
      Remote control on the clamp

      Supply - 400v
      Current - 20A
      Output - 14500A
      Pressure - 500Dan
      Weight - 65 x 80 x 230 cm
      Weight - 92 Kg

      IMS Spot 14500
      C1 Arm
      Accessories Kit