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Single Phase TIG Welder - 10 to 160 A DC with Accessories

Are you in search of a welding solution that combines precision, power, and portability? Look no further than the PRO TIG 161 DC TIG Welder! Whether you're a seasoned welding professional or just starting your welding journey, this versatile machine will elevate your welding projects to the next level.

Designed for welding all types of Ferrous metal up to 4 mm thick - Steel/Stainless steel / Copper/Titanium Suitable for metal fabrication, maintenance, piping & domestic users in their daily work

Secondary regulation:ensures optimum arc stability and constant current in all positions. 

SKU 065031
Supply 230v
Duty Cycle 105@ 60% (TIG)
Size  36 x 16 x28cm
Weight 7.5Kg
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TIG DC provides quality welding on all ferrous materials such as steel, stainless steel but also copper and its alloys...

TIG DC Pulse controls the temperature of the molten bath, limits deformation, and thus allows the assembly of thin sheets from 0.3 mm.

SPOT: Fast and precise spot welding, ideal before welding the thin sheet metal.

2 types of a start-up: HF (without contact) or LIFT (with contact) for electro-sensitive environments.

3 trigger modes: 2T, 4T, and 4T LOG.
Automatic torch detection: compatible with latch torches and double buttons.

Dual Voltage Capability: The PRO TIG 161 is designed to adapt to your power source, with dual voltage support (110V and 220V) for ultimate flexibility.

Precision Welding: Achieve pristine welds with DC (Direct Current) technology, suitable for a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminum, and more.

Digital Control Panel: The user-friendly digital control panel allows you to adjust amperage and other settings with ease, ensuring precise welds every time.

Portable and Lightweight: Weighing in at just [weight], this welder is incredibly portable, making it perfect for on-site work or moving between projects effortlessly.

Efficient Cooling: The built-in cooling system prevents overheating, ensuring consistent performance even during prolonged welding sessions.

Foot Pedal Compatibility: For even greater control, this welder is compatible with a foot pedal (sold separately), allowing you to fine-tune your welding parameters on the go.

Safety First: Safety is paramount. The PRO TIG 161 includes essential safety features like overheat protection and automatic shutoff for peace of mind.

Versatile Welding Option: Whether you're doing automotive repairs, metal sculpture, or custom fabrication, this welder can handle it all.

Binzel air cooled 26 TIG Torch, MMA Leads, Earth Lead Gauge and accessories kit.