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EV Charging Made Simple

SKU  080676

The GYS SUPER PRO EV CHARGER is a top-of-the-line device designed for efficient charging of electric vehicles. It can be used on both 230V and 400V supplies and allows the user to charge their vehicle as quickly as possible with the socket available.   It features a Twin Voltage system for alternating current with a rapid peak current of up to 160A. The charger helps maintain optimal batteries' lifespan, ensuring long-lasting performance.


No Fixed Installation Needed.

Utilise your existing single and 3-phase power supplies.

Charge up to 22kW (typically 60-70 miles range per hour)

Ideal for workshops or car dealers.

SKU 075320 Euro Version

SKU 080676 UK Version

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Charging your electric vehicle has never been easier. With the GYS SUPER PRO EV CHARGER,

You can charge up to 22kW, translating to a range of approximately 60-70 miles per hour. This means you can quickly recharge your vehicle and get back on the road with minimal downtime. It's a game-changer for workshop mechanics and on-the-move users with EVs or plug-in hybrids.

The GYS SUPER PRO EV CHARGER is the ultimate solution for efficient and reliable charging of electric vehicles. Designed to cater to both 230V and 400V supplies, this advanced device empowers users to rapidly recharge their vehicles using the available socket. Whether you're at a workshop, a car dealership, or on the move, this charger offers the convenience and performance you need.

Equipped with a Twin Voltage system and a rapid peak current of up to 160A, the GYS SUPER PRO EV CHARGER ensures an optimal charging experience. Say goodbye to lengthy charging times and hello to a swift and efficient power-up for your electric vehicle. It helps maintain the lifespan of your batteries, ensuring long-lasting performance and worry-free journeys.

One of the standout features of the GYS SUPER PRO EV CHARGER is its versatility. With no fixed installation required, it provides the flexibility to utilise your existing single and three-phase power supplies. This makes it a perfect fit for workshops, car dealers, and anyone seeking a reliable charging solution without the need for complex infrastructure.

To ensure compatibility, the GYS SUPER PRO EV CHARGER is available in two versions: the SKU 075320 Euro Version and the SKU 080676 UK Version. Choose the one that suits your specific needs and power requirements.

Ready to explore more? Download the brochure to discover all the features and specifications of the GYS SUPER PRO EV CHARGER. With its user-friendly interface and digital display, setting up and using this charger is a breeze. Additionally, it comes with a carrying case for convenient transportation, allowing you to charge your vehicle wherever you go.

• Ideal for workshop mechanics
- Can be easily switched from one mains cable to another depending on the
nearest electrical outlet in the workshop.
- Significant time saving when recharging a vehicle, as it charges very quickly
from a 32A socket.
- Simple set-up on the intuitive interface, with digital display.
- Can be attached as a wall-mounted charging station if connected to an
outlet that is dedicated to EV charging.
• Ideal for an on-the-move user with an EV or Plug-in Hybrid
- Can be connected anywhere using the two supplied power cables.
- Very fast charge on a 32 A socket allowing you to recharge in a very short
period of time, so you can continue your journey.
- Supplied with a carrying case and equipped with a handle for more
convenient transportation.

Supply - 230V 1ph Or 400V 3ph+N
Connection - Type 2
Output - 10 to 32A
Weight 4.5kg
dimensions 230x160x90
IP 65

supplied with
230V cable
400v Cable
Carry case